Proposal for a Committee for Academic Planning

Reference Number: S90-167
Senate Approval Date: Monday, January 01, 1990

Proposal for a Committee For Academic Planning

Academic Senate Policy S90-167

At its meeting of May 22, 1990, the Academic Senate approved the following

proposal for a Committee for Academic Planning.


The President of San Francisco State University has assigned the task of developing

and implementing an Academic Master Plan to the Vice President for Academic

Affairs. The Academic Master Plan shall be the primary component of the campus

strategic plan influencing the content of the other components such as facilities

and enrollment plans.

In order to ensure that the Master Plan represents the most comprehensive thinking

in a shared governance organization, a new committee with university-wide representation

is proposed to advise the Vice-President for Academic Affairs in matters concerning

the Academic Master Plan. It is recognized that formal line organization structures

exist for the approval and modification of academic programs and policies. These

processes appropriately require approval by the Academic Senate. At this time

no effective university planning structure exists to provide a direction or

context in which academic policies are established and programs are approved,

modified, capped, or discontinued.


The purpose of the Committee for Academic Planning is to make policy recommendations

to the Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning the criteria, processes,

principles, and priorities for academic direction setting consistent with the

academic mission and goals of San Francisco State University.


The Committee for Academic Planning shall first identify the academic mission

and goals of the University. The Committee for Academic Planning then shall,

in the context of the university-wide objectives and policies, make recommendations

in the areas such as those listed below:


Criteria for initiating new academic programs


Criteria for modifying current academic programs


Criteria for declaring current academic programs impacted


Criteria for discontinuing current academic programs


Criteria for the organizational structure of the academic programs of

the University


Criteria for programs emphasis


Criteria for program mix -- percentage of General Education


Criteria for program mix -- undergraduate/graduate degrees


Criteria for program mix -- remedial/lower division/upper division


Criteria for program mix -- professional/liberal arts


Criteria for enrollment mix


Criteria for faculty mix

In addition to recommending criteria, the committee may recommend processes,

principles, and priorities relating to academic program planning.

Committee Governance/Membership

The Committee for Academic Planning shall have nine members and shall report

to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic

Affairs shall send policy and program recommendations to the Academic Senate

as appropriate.

The Committee members shall be as follows:

  • Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Chair, Academic Senate
  • Chair, Educational Policies Council
  • Presidential Appointment
  • 2 representatives from the Vice President of Academic Affairs Council

    of Academic Deans

  • The faculty of each School/Library shall elect one nominee each. An

    all-university election will be held to elect three faculty from the

    slate of nominees.

The committee shall be an on-going body. The length of term for the two members

appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be two years. The

term for the elected members shall be for two years. (The first all-university

election will produce staggered terms: two faculty will be elected for two-years

terms and the third for a one-year term.) The Committee shall elect one of its

members to be the chair, subject to the concurrence of the VPAA. Support

staff shall be provided for the Committee by the office of the Vice President

for Academic Affairs.