Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award (MPPPA)

Reference Number: S88-128
Senate Approval Date: Friday, January 01, 1988



Academic Senate Policy S88-128

At its meeting of April 5, 1988, the Academic Senate approved the following

revisions to F85-128, the policy for a Meritorious Performance and Professional

Promise Award, originally approved on December 10, 1985.

This policy has been implemented in compliance with Articles 31.17 - 31.25

July 1, 1987-June 30, 1991 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the California

State University and the California Faculty Association. The Chancellor shall

apportion the number of awards to San Francisco State University pro rata based

on FTEF. No award under this article shall be made without a recommendation

from the faculty of the particular school, college, or appropriate administrative

unit. Each award shall be in the amount of $2500.

  1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of the MPPPA is to promote faculty development. All faculty

      members are encouraged to apply.

  2. Eligibility
    1. All faculty members (full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary) are

      eligible to receive these awards.

  3. Criteria
    1. These awards are designed to provide special incentives for distinguished

      performance and professional promise. Distinguished performance is defined

      as past exceptional service in one's professional responsibilities. Professional

      promise is defined as evidence of future ability and potential to perform

      exceptionally in one's professional responsibilities.

    2. The award shall be based on teaching, professional achievement, and growth,

      non-teaching activities, and/or community service, as specified in the criteria

      for promotion.

    3. The award shall be based on evidence of performance relative to expectations

      appropriate to the candidate's rank.

    4. If any school decides to write these criteria differently, it shall state

      its weighting system in writing and make it available to the school's faculty

      at the time the school opens the application process for the awards.

    5. For an MPPA, any faculty member may include all relevant past activities

      from his or her date of hire. However, when a faculty member has received

      this award, any subsequent award must be based on new materials.

  4. Procedure
    1. The President shall allocate the number of awards to each school or appropriate

      administrative unit pro rata based on FTEF.

    2. Schools will elect their MPPPA committee according to regular procedures.

      Faculty who are tenured, tenure-track or lecturers are eligible for membership.

      Members of this committee are not eligible to receive the awards. Each award

      committee shall elect a chair. The chairs of these committees shall constitute

      a University-wide faculty review committee to resolve disputed recommendations.

    3. Any eligible faculty member may submit an application for an MPPPA. All

      applications must be submitted on the appropriate form to the MPPPA committee

      through the office of the Dean/Director.

    4. The MPPPA committee for each school or appropriate administrative unit

      shall, after a consideration of the applications, forward to the Dean/Director

      recommendations as to individuals designated to receive the award and copies

      of all their applications. A summary of the applicants and awards according

      to rank, status, gender, ethnicity, and disability shall be prepared by

      the Dean/Director and submitted to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.

    5. If the Dean/Director concurs with the recommendations, the awards will

      be implemented. Applicants will be notified by the Dean/Director and Chair

      of the School MPPPA committee using a standard letter. These letters will

      be sent only after all disagreements on the campus have been resolved. An

      unsuccessful candidate may request of the MPPPA Committee Chair an explanation

      of the reason(s) for denial of his/her application. Such reason(s) shall

      be provided, in writing, within 30 working days after receipt of the request.

    6. In the event of a disagreement by the Dean/Director with any recommendation

      of the committee, the Dean/Director shall, before taking any other action,

      meet with the school committee in a good faith effort to resolve the disagreement.

      If the Dean/Director continues to disagree with the recommendations forwarded

      by the MPPPA committee, both the recommendations of the Dean/Director and

      those of the committee shall be forwarded to the President.

    7. The President shall transmit both sets of recommendations for review by

      the University-wide MPPPA committee. The University-wide committee shall

      invite the Dean/Director for discussion of the disagreement. The chair of

      the committee from the involved school shall abstain from the vote of the

      University-wide committee.

    8. The University-wide faculty committee shall forward its recommendation

      to the President for his/her consideration in making a final determination.

      If the President disagrees with the University-wide committee, he/she shall

      state his/her reasons therefore and shall return the denied application

      to the originating MPPPA committee with the request to forward a substitute

      recommendation to the Dean/Director as provided in section 4.4.

    9. The collective and separate judgment of the faculty and the President

      shall not be grievable except on procedural ground.

  5. Timetable
    1. MPPPA's shall be awarded annually in the spring semester. The timetable

      for making MPPPA awards shall be established and disseminated by the Office

      of Faculty Affairs at the beginning of the spring semester.


  1. Name __________________________________________________________

(Last) (First) (Middle)

2._________________ _____________________ _______________

(Department) (School) (Academic Rank)

Please justify your application for an MPPPA. The application must not exceed

two single spaced typewritten pages.


Approved with conditions--

  1. In 4.5, the reasons(s) shall be provided within 30 working days (instead

    of 2 weeks);

  2. This part of the policy be in force for 2 years, to allow for one round

    of experimentation. It will then be terminated unless re-enacted.