Hiring Policy Revision for Tenure Track Faculty (formerly F88-158)

Reference Number: F02-158
Senate Approval Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002



Academic Senate Policy #F02-158


(Formerly #F88-158)




At its meeting of December 13, 1988 the Academic Senate approved the following Hiring Policy. This replaces S84-120 which was approved by the President June 6, 1984.  The tenure-track faculty recruitment and hiring policy and procedures outlined below conform to the requirements of the State of California Education Code, the Agreement, and federal legislation governing Equal Opportunity Employment.

San Francisco State University does not recognize terminal degrees from unaccredited institutions.  Appointment to tenure track status shall be based upon possession of terminal degrees completed at accredited institutions only or, in exceptional cases, upon approved doctoral equivalency.  (See  Policy on Qualifications for Tenure Track Hire).




Hiring committees shall be elected by secret ballot of probationary and tenured faculty in the department from among the tenured faculty. At the discretion of the president and upon request of the department, these hiring committees may also include probationary faculty. Departments shall have hiring committees which consist of at least three members.  When there are too few eligible faculty to serve on the hiring committee within the department, the department shall elect members from among the qualified faculty in related disciplines.  The department chair may serve on the hiring committee in addition to the elected members.  Only in the event the department chair does not sit on the Hiring Committee, will she or he write a separate recommendation.  If the department, after consultation with the dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee, desires it may elect additional members from the qualified faculty at large to enhance hiring of women, minority group members, and disabled individuals.

When in the judgment of the department faculty concerned it is desirable to combine hiring, retention, tenure, and promotions functions in a single committee (HRTP) or to separate committees, this may be done provided both the conditions of this policy and of the University retention and tenure and promotions policies are met.

3.2    policy for recruiting and hiring tenure-track faculty.

All tenure-track positions are allocated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Recruitment for any tenure-track position may begin only after the Vice President for Academic Affairs has acted upon the  dean's/director's recommendation and allocated a position and after the Faculty Affairs and Affirmative Action Offices have approved the announcement and recruiting plan for the position.

It is the responsibility of departmental hiring committees, with appropriate consultation, to develop the required and preferred qualifications, criteria for screening, and position descriptions for each allocated tenure-track position. The criteria should be clearly stated and related to the position; and the announcement written so as to encourage applications from women, minority group members, and disabled individuals.  (Federal Executive Order 11246 as amended defines minority group members as: Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.)

The notice of the tenure-track position vacancy must be disseminated nationally and regionally, and posted in the department and other appropriate on-campus locations. To meet Affirmative Action requirements, the department must actively seek to recruit a representative number of women, minority group members, and disabled individuals and be able to demonstrate that it has done so. The position must be open for a minimum of 45 calendar days beginning with the date the advertisement is first published or disseminated.  Exemption from the 45-day requirement may be granted only by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.


All applicants, whether on or off-campus, must be subjected to the same requirements and treated equally in all phases of the screening process.

The department shall maintain adequate recruitment records so that a rejected applicant, upon request, may be given the reasons for non-selection. All applications and supporting material must be kept in the department for at least two years from the time of hire. These pre-employment files must be maintained separately from the personnel files of employed faculty.

Failure to recruit in accordance with University policy and procedures may cause the search to be extended or the recommended appointment to be disapproved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee.


No offer of employment is official and binding upon the University except for the written offer prepared by the Faculty Affairs Office and signed by the appropriate school dean/director.


3.3    procedures for recruiting and hiring tenure-track faculty.

Position Requests  Departments will submit written requests for new tenure-track position(s) to the Vice President for Academic Affairs via the school dean/director. The dean/director may make a request for a tenure-track position at any time. However, these requests will normally be made at the beginning of the academic year and no later than the deadline established annually by the Vice President for Academic Affairs for considering tenure track position requests.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify the school as soon as possible after this deadline of his/her decision, to allow adequate time for a full and thorough national search. 


Prepare a Position Announcement and Recruitment Plan  The position announcement shall be consistent with the Vice President for Academic Affairs position allocation.  The announcement should be sufficiently detailed to provide applicants with essential information and departments with a document from which to develop screening criteria.

The position vacancy announcement will include:


Position title

Position description

Required and preferred qualifications

Salary range

Date position is to be filled


Application deadline

Application procedure (to whom to apply, documents required)

Information about the department and University (optional)

Statement that SFSU is an "Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer" on the bottom margin.


Departments will submit copies of position announcements and recruitment plans through the dean/ director to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and the Affirmative Action Coordinator.  Recruitment may begin only after both offices have approved the announcement and recruitment plans and notified the school and department.


Advertise Position Departments and schools are responsible for recruitment.  Tenure-track position vacancies must be advertised nationally and regionally in appropriate media for the discipline, and must be posted in relevant department and school offices for a minimum of 45 calendar days prior to closing the search.  The recruitment effort should include at a minimum: 1) a mailing to colleges and universities, and other institutions or organizations appropriate to the discipline; 2) announcements in newsletters or journals; and 3) a mailing to organizations and individuals that can refer qualified women, minority group members, and disabled individuals.  Specialized mailing lists and/or media information may be obtained from the Affirmative Action Office.

Acknowledge Applications  Departments must send all applicants an acknowledgement of their application which also requests additional information if needed, and includes the Sex and Ethnic Identification and Referral Information Form AAO-11/88 and a return envelope self-addressed to the Office of Planning and Analytic Studies.  The bottom portion of this form must be forwarded to the Affirmative Action Office as the top portions are sent to applicants.

Screen Applicants  Applicants shall not be either excluded or included solely because of their geographical proximity to San Francisco State University.


Departments shall notify applicants of the status of their candidacy as the screening process proceeds.  Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications  or who are otherwise rejected in the first screening should be notified in writing at the conclusion of this screening.  At subsequent points in the search at which the department is no longer interested in a candidate, the candidate shall be notified.  After the pool of semi-finalists (group from which finalists will be selected for interviewing) has been agreed upon, the Department shall submit to the Affirmative Action Office a list of the semifinalists, along with the selection criteria for the position.  Any candidate whose candidacy remains viable shall not be notified until a final offer has been made and accepted.

Check References  Hiring committees are responsible for checking references  of top candidates prior to on-campus interviews.  Before obtaining information from references or any other sources, the committee shall contact the candidates and obtain their permission.  Members of departmental hiring committees who are contacting references are responsible for insuring that the questions asked and information obtained:    relate to the position, are nondiscriminatory (e.g. comply with San Francisco State University's Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity policy), and are summarized in writing as part of the applicant's file.

Request Recruitment Funds  The department shall request recruitment funds from the school dean/director for travel expenses to bring candidates to the campus.

Interview Finalists  Only the top candidates for a tenure-track position should be interviewed.  Departments shall consult with deans/directors regarding finalists to be interviewed prior to interviews being conducted.  The interview process shall be consistent for all candidates.

Recommend Candidates  When the department hiring committee and department chair (when not a member of the committee) agree on the recommended candidate(s), they shall forward their joint recommendation to the dean/director.  If the dean/director concurs with the recommendation, he/she shall forward the recommended appointment(s) to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs along with supporting documentation.  Supporting documents consist of the vita, the hiring committee report including Recruitment Process Report Form #89-003, and Faculty Appointment Transaction Form #110.  Simultaneously, the completed Recruitment Process Report Form #89-003 shall be submitted to the Affirmative Action Office.


After the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee has reviewed and approved the recommended appointment, an official and binding offer letter is prepared in the Faculty Affairs Office for the dean's/director's signature.  Any commitments made to prospective faculty beyond the terms stated in this letter are not binding upon the University. 


The policy and procedures for requesting credit towards tenure at the time of hire are contained in Section ___________ of this Manual.


3.4    procedures in the event of disagreement over hiring recommendations


In the event of disagreement within the hiring committee or between the hiring committee and the department chair, the chair and the hiring committee shall meet to attempt to resolve the disagreement prior to forwarding the departmental recommendation to the dean/director.  If the disagreement cannot be resolved, separate recommendations shall be forwarded to the dean/director.  If the dean/director disagrees with the departmental recommendation, he/she shall meet with the department hiring committee and chair to explain the basis for his/her disagreement.  If differences in recommendation(s) cannot be settled at the school level, the matter may be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the request of the department or dean.  In the event the Vice President for Academic Affairs disagrees with the hiring recommendation, he/she shall meet with the dean/director, the department chair, and the hiring committee to explain the basis for the disagreement and attempt resolution.  In instances where agreement is not reached among the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the dean/director, and the department, the hiring decision will be sent back to the department and new candidates will be sought.