Faculty Honors and Awards Committee

Reference Number: S05-233
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Presidential Approval Date: 
Monday, October 31, 2005


Charge to the Committee

The Faculty Honors and Awards Committee promotes, selects, and recognizes SFSU faculty with a distinguished track record of teaching, professional development, and service. The establishment of these awards and honors will serve two goals; first, to honor an individual faculty member for his/her accomplishments and second, to honor the SFSU faculty as a whole by selecting from our ranks a few individuals each year that exemplify the accomplishments for which all faculty strive.

The committee is charged to:

· Develop internal awards that, at minimum, include a Distinguished Teaching Award, a Distinguished Professional Achievement and Growth Award, and a Distinguished Contribution to Community Award.

· Develop and identify the criteria, the eligibility requirements, the nomination process for each type of award, and procedures for determining awardees.

· Determine an appropriate recognition vehicle/ceremony for the announcement of nominees and recipients for each award (e.g., Honor’s convocation, graduation).

· Review, adopt, and publicize the criteria and timeline for awards

· Develop a timetable that will allow for timely decisions on awards made by the committee.

· Provide a report that lists each award given by this committee to the Academic Senate.

· Prepare and forward the names and information packets of SFSU award recipients to nationwide award outlets (e.g., Wang, Carnegie Foundation).

· When necessary, make improvements to the selection process with review by the Faculty Affairs Committee, and the University Research Council.

Membership Composition

The Faculty Honors and Awards committee shall consist of seven members: five faculty selected by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate and two people appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. All committee members shall serve three year staggered terms.


The Faculty Honors and Awards Committee shall hold at least two meetings per semester. The committee’s annual reports and updates shall be addressed to the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, and the Academic Senate. The committee shall elect its own chair each year from among the committee members.