Evaluation of Temporary Faculty, Procedures for (Superseded by S89-160)

Reference Number: S86-139
Senate Approval Date: Wednesday, January 01, 1986




At its meeting of May 6,
1986, the Academic Senate approved the following policy for periodic evaluation
of temporary faculty.

The agreement between the
Board of Trustees of the California State University and the California Faculty
Association, 1983-86 (Article 15.1-15.24) mandates the periodic evaluation of
temporary faculty unit employees.
The Academic Senate of San Francisco State University has approved the
following policy to comply with the agreement.


The purpose of the periodic
evaluation of temporary faculty is to assess their teaching performance in the
department(s) in which they are appointed in order to make informed decisions
regarding reappointment.
Information from periodic evaluations may also be used in
recommendations for salary increases and for improving teaching performance.


All full and part-time
temporary faculty appointed for more than one semester on a continuing basis
will be evaluated according to this policy and procedure. The evaluation of temporary faculty
appointed for one semester and not subsequently reappointed is at the
discretion of the department.

Temporary faculty who do not
have full responsibility for a course are not covered by this policy.


The primary criterion is
teaching effectiveness. Other
criteria include currency in the field and proper discharge of other
departmental assignments.


Full and part-time temporary
faculty will be evaluated annually.


Beyond the requirement of
student evaluations of teaching effectiveness in a minimum of two classes
annually, where applicable, departments may use other data pertinent to
teaching. Where temporary faculty
have departmental assignments in addition to teaching as part of their
workloads, these assignments should be included in the evaluation.

Evaluation of teaching
performance by departmental review committee is required for full-time
temporary faculty and optional for part-time temporary faculty. Department review committees, if any,
shall be constituted according to Article 15.4 of the 1983-1986 Collective
Bargaining Agreement. When
departments or equivalent units decide not to conduct a committee review of
part-time temporary faculty, the department chair shall perform the steps in
the procedure outlined below.
Review of the department evaluation by the dean/director is required for
both full and part-time temporary faculty.

All full and part-time
temporary faculty eligible for periodic evaluation will be informed at the time
of appointment of the departmental procedures, criteria, and time frames. Temporary faculty may submit indexed supplementary materials
as part of the evaluation.
Departments may solicit input from faculty and students about full and
part-time temporary faculty being evaluated.

At the conclusion of its
deliberations, the Department Review Committee, if any, and the Department
Chair will complete the "Temporary Faculty Evaluation" form. Where the Chair disagrees with the Committee,
he/she will state his/her reasons on the form with continuing pages, if
necessary. The Department Chair
will give the temporary faculty member a copy of the "Temporary Faculty
Evaluation" form and any attachments. The form and a summary of student evaluations of teaching
effectiveness in a minimum of two classes annually will be forwarded to the
dean/director for review and then to the Faculty Records Office for placement
in the Personnel Action File. Any
rebuttal or statement the temporary faculty employee wishes to make shall
accompany the evaluation materials and be placed in the official personnel
action file.

Normally, when the outcome
of the evaluation process is a recommendation to reappoint the temporary
faculty employee, the Faculty Appointment Form (#109) will accompany the
evaluation documents.