Spring 2020 Academic Senate Policies

Policies and Selected Resolutions from Spring 2020 Academic Senate

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Grading adjustments

Calls for elimination of “F” and “WU” grades in spring 2020. Adds CR/NC, ABC/NC and ABCD/NC options to all classes for spring 2020. Asks faculty to avoid high stakes assessments and provide timely updates on grades throughout the semester. Asks that all withdrawal petitions be approved. Asks that no unit limits reached because of spring 2020 courses impact progression through the degree or graduation. 

Academic Probation and DQ - Policy resolution No student may be disqualified in the spring 2020 semester. No advising holds to be placed in spring 2020. 

Academic Probation and DQ policy

Removes requirement for students on probation for the first time to see an advisor before registering. 

RTP policy resolution

Makes SETE inclusion in PAF optional. Allows additional probationary year and allows for adjustment of the RTP schedule. Requests departments review their RTP criteria in light of difficulties COVID-19 has placed on faculty. 

Lecturer Faculty

Makes SETE inclusion in PAF optional; lays out how 1- and 3-year reviews are to be handled for spring 2020. Prohibits lack of SETEs scores in spring 2020 from negatively impacting lecturer faculty. 

Academic Calendar

Removes requirement for campus offices to be open on grades due day (reverts to previous policy). Primarily impacts Fall term when most of campus is closed for two weeks in December and early January.  

Restructuring academic units

New policy outlining how academic units can be restructured when initiated by an administrator or by faculty

Withdrawal from courses

Adds language defining serious and compelling for withdrawal purposes; Specifies an updated process for student-initiated withdrawals, approvals, and instructor option to deny withdrawals.

Incomplete grades

Automatically extends time needed for completion of incompletes that expire in spring or summer 2020. Removes requirement for 75% of coursework to be completed. 

Leaves with Pay

Allows for an expedited review of difference in pay or full year ½ salary leave with pay applications when a sudden opportunity arises (fellowship, grant etc). 

Department Chairs & Equivalent Unit Directors

Adds clarifying language around an equivalent unit. 

Human Subjects Policy New policy on the use of human subjects in research at SF State. 
Offering SFSU Degrees through CEL Updates the original policy to meet requirements of EO 1099 and other legal/regulatory requirements.