Administration and Processing of Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation Forms

Reference Number: S01-213
Senate Approval Date: Monday, January 01, 2001


A.S. Policy #S01-213

At its meeting of March 6, 2001, the Academic Senate approved by resolution the following policy on the Administration and Processing of Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation Forms.

  1. Written and/or verbal explanations provided to students shall make clear the purpose of the evaluation.
  2. Whenever possible, student evaluation forms should be distributed and their completion supervised by a teaching assistant, colleague, or office staff member.
  3. If this is not possible, the instructor shall: inform the department chair; and assign a reliable student who will distribute the evaluation forms, read the instructions aloud, and collect the finished forms and take them immediately after class to a designated person or location for further processing.
  4. Before the evaluation is conducted, the instructor shall inform the office staff of the name of the person who will collect the finished evaluation forms and deliver them to the designated person or location.
  5. The evaluation process is subject to ADA regulations.
  6. The instructor shall not be in the room when students are completing the teaching effectiveness rating form.
  7. Before leaving the classroom, the instructor shall inform the students that their responses are anonymous and that they are not to write their names on the evaluation forms.  The instructor shall inform the students that he/she will receive the results only after course grades have been posted.
  8. Under no circumstance shall the instructor have access to the evaluation data until the final grades for the course have been posted. 

[1] The cycle of review for all temporary, tenure-track, and tenured faculty shall coincide with any process specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, e.g. Article 15.14 in the July 1, 1998 - June 30, 2001 CBA.