UIC Annual Report 2015-2016

San Francisco State University

University Interdisciplinary Council

Annual Report 2015-2016

Submitted to the Academic Senate Committee on Committees [date]


I. Executive Summary for the Academic Year:

  • Summarize the topics and themes that guided the Committee’s work over the year.

As the academic leader in developing and fostering interdisciplinary efforts for the benefit of the University as a whole, in AY 2015-2016 UIC mainly focused on the following topics and themes:

  1. Promoting interdisciplinary efforts across campus, particularly the Bay Area Integrated Studies Option
  2. Serving as the collaborating, cooperating, communicating body for all existing interdisciplinary efforts across campus
  3. Publicizing and representing the University’s interdisciplinary activities to the campus at large and to other interested parties


  • Report any significant changes (positive or negative) that have affected the Committee’s work over the year.

There were three significant changes that affected the direction of our work in the 2015-16 year.First, the combination of the decision to drop the ‘overlay’ component, from upper division GE courses, combined with an overall decline in new interdisciplinary course proposals meant that the committee spent far less time reviewing individual course proposals.Conversely, the ability of Trevor Getz and the “Bay Area” Integrated Studies course to secure a grant for course development opened up significant opportunities for UIC to support these efforts.

II. Committee Information and Review of Activities for the Academic Year:

                  A.  Roster

Co-chairs:                                                                                      Bo Ferns & Tony Sparks

College Representatives:

Business                                                                       Bo Ferns (2013-2016)                                         

                  Education                                                                   Teresa Gray (2013-2016)                                  

                           Ethnic Studies                                                          Valerie Soe (2015-2018)                 

                  Health and Social Services                                Tony Sparks (2013-2016)                                                   

                  Liberal and Creative Arts                                    Lehua Yim (2014-2017)                                     

Science and Engineering                                    Anne Krause (2013-2016)                                                                                      

Academic Senate/Chair EPC:                                             Mike Hammer                                                          

Provost’s Designee:                                                                 Ken Monteiro                                                                            

Undergraduate Studies:                                                       Kimberly Altura

Graduate Studies:                                                                    Ann Hallum                                             


                  B. Regular Meeting Schedule and Committee Meetings:

  • List the frequency, day, time and location of scheduled meetings;

9:30am- 11:00am Friday, monthly meeting at ADM 552 Chartwell Room


  • List the dates and times the Committee met, and the members present.

9/18/2015           9:30am-11:00am

Attendees: Trevor Getz, Tony Sparks, Bo Ferns, Brian Hammer, Lori Beth Way, & Anne Krause


10/23/2015        9:30am-11:00am

Attendees: Bo Ferns, Tony Sparks, & Trevor Getz


11/13/2015        9:30am-11:00am

Attendees: Tony Sparks, Bo Ferns, Liz Boner, George Barganier, Lori Beth Way, Anne Krause, Chris Chefuri, Cristina Ruotolo, Joshua Singer, Catriona R. Esquibel, Zach Lauffenlarger, and Sophia Simon-Ortiz.


3/11/2016           9:30am-11:00am

Attendees: Tony Sparks, Ann Krause, Teresa Gray, Mi-Sook Kim, Bo Ferns, and Jennifer Summit


4/22/ 2016          9:30am-11:00am              

Attendees: Tony Sparks, Ann Krause, Valerie Soe, Mi-Sook Kim, Bo Ferns, and Jennifer Summit, Ken Monteiro, and Catriona Rueda Esquibel


                  C. Action Items

  • List the Committee’s significant Action Items, and their status (i.e. completed, in progress (be specific), tabled (for what reason?))


1. Serving as the collaborating and communicating body to initiate and design the Bay Area courses.

Status: Completed


2. Promoting the Integrated Studies Option.

Status: in progress (UIC serve as an advisory and consulting body to faculty who are interested in developing Integrated Studies Option courses. UIC will also weigh in assessing integration in related course proposals and develop the Integrated Study Rubrics as the assessment tool and collect best practices of integration.)


3. Providing feedback and assistance to the Causeways Grant.

Status: in progress (UIC continues to assist the proposal of the next Causeways Grant project)


4. Resume The Master of Arts/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Status: in progress (UIC will serve as the advisory body to the Program and will contribute to evaluate the interdisciplinary nature of the proposal.)


III. Committee Recommendations for the Upcoming Year:

                  A. Re: Committee Charge:

  • Include the text of the Committee’s current charge[*] (committee charges can be located on the Senate website

The University Interdisciplinary Council is charged with "...developing and fostering interdisciplinary efforts for the benefit of the University as a whole." 


  • List any recommended changes to the Committee charge.


                  B. Re: Committee Membership:

  • List any recommended changes to the Committee membership*.

Few committee members have not attended any UIC meetings and events or responded to any emails from the co-chairs. It is recommended that the Academic Senate Office to contact their colleges to re-elect their representatives.

                  C.  To the Senate:

  • Provide recommendations to the Senate on specific policy that could support the Committee’s work in the upcoming school year.

The Committee has no recommendations to the Senate at this time.

                  D.  To next year’s Committee:

  • Provide information not covered in the Executive Summary or the Action Items about the topics, themes, and action items that the current Committee believes will be relevant in the upcoming Academic Year. 

Please see the action items in progress in II C.

IV. Endorsement by the Committee

  • State that the report has been endorsed by the Committee and its members.

The report is endorsed by the Committee and its members.

[*] Committee charges and membership can be access by visiting http://senate.sfsu.edu/content/committee-information-landing, clicking on a committee link, and looking under the “What does [Committee] do?” heading.