University Research Council

Reference Number: S04-231
Senate Approval Date: Thursday, January 01, 2004

Academic Senate Policy


Charge to the Council

The University Research
Council promotes research activities necessary to the University’s mission, and
recommends policy concerning the University’s research agenda and its
relationship to the education of a diverse student body. The Council shall
ensure an active faculty role in recommending policies and providing avenues
for discussion of issues related to research at the University. The Council
shall take an active role in advocating and celebrating excellence in research.

Membership Composition

Five faculty representatives selected
by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for staggered renewable
two-year terms. Initially, this will be accomplished by faculty members drawing
lots to determine one and two year terms. The Executive Committee is encouraged
to achieve representation from among all research disciplines on campus and to
select at least one faculty representative from among the directors of campus
research centers and institutes.

Two people, one of whom is a College
Dean, selected by the Vice President for Academic Affairs for a renewable
one-year term.

The Associate Vice President for
Research and Sponsored Programs shall serve as an ex-officio member.

The Dean of Graduate Studies shall
serve as an ex-officio member.


· The Research Council's regular advisory statements
and annual report shall be addressed to the President, the Vice President for
Academic Affairs, and the Academic Senate.

· The Council shall hold at least two meetings per

· Each year the committee shall elect its own chair
from among the faculty representatives.

***Approved by the Academic Senate at its
meeting on May 11, 2004***

***Approved by
President Robert Corrigan***