Continuing Education Policy & Procedures

Reference Number: S81-071
Senate Approval Date: Monday, March 30, 1981



Academic Senate Policy #S81-71


Continuing Education at San Francisco State University is assigned responsibility to extend the educational resources, skills and talents of this campus to the citizens of the larger San Francisco community and elsewhere to the greatest extent possible on a self-support basis. Continuing Education is also charged with providing such educational experiences during the December - January break and the summer months, when the Continuing Education programs are the only programs of the University.


These objectives are accomplished through three programs of Continuing Education: Extension Programs, Summer Session and Special Programs (FBFE). Within these programs several subprograms are used to accomplish Continuing Education objectives, including External Degree Programs, Certificate Programs, Domestic and Foreign Travel Study Programs, Contract Courses with outside agencies, Concurrent Enrollment (Open University), and non-credit courses, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences.


In fulfilling its mission and meeting the objectives above, Continuing Education shall operate under the following guidelines and procedures.


1. The Continuing Education Division is an integral instructional unit of the University, and should be regarded as such. Effective programming is dependent on the extent to which the Continuing Education Division has the positive support of both faculty and administration.


2. Continuing Education programs shall have standards for admission, advising, program development, and quality of instruction consistent with those maintained in regular campus programs.


3. When an appropriate instructional department or program of the University exists, the primary responsibility for maintenance of standards rests with the faculty in the department or program offering Continuing Education courses.


In those cases where an appropriate department does not exist within the University, a program committee of interested permanent faculty shall be formed and shall assume responsibility for the maintenance of standards.


4. Continuing Education instructors may be selected from the permanent faculty or from other sources, provided such instructors meet the requirements and standards for CSUC faculty. All appointments shall be jointly concurred in by the Dean of Continuing Education and the appropriate department chair and school dean or by the Dean of Continuing Education and the appropriate program committee.


5. Individual courses proposed for Continuing Education from departments, schools, faculty members, or other sources shall be reviewed by Continuing Education initially and then forwarded to the sponsoring program area for channeling through the established review and approval process applicable to regular University courses.


6. Should Continuing Education wish to propose an External Degree program, it must demonstrate that a need exists for such a program which cannot be met by a resident degree program of the University




Approved 3/30/81

Action Recap Vol. X, No. 14