Principles Regarding College Naming (OLD)

Reference Number: F11-260
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Principles Regarding College Naming

Academic Senate Policy #F11-260

The process for naming Colleges should be guided by these principles:


  1. Working with the requisite Dean, representative College bodies, e.g. College Councils, should propose a name or names for the College.


  2. From this list of proposed names, the name of the College shall be approved by the faculty and staff of the College through a majority vote following the procedures established by the College.


  3. If the College naming process is a consequence of reorganization, the naming should be completed by the end of the second semester after implementation of the reorganization.


  4. The new College name, having been approved by faculty and staff, shall be forwarded to the President for final approval.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on November 1, 2011***


***Endorsed by President Corrigan on November 07, 2011***