The Urban Council

Reference Number: F81-84
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1981


Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #F81-84

At its meeting of December 15, 1981, the Academic Senate
approved the following proposal for an Urban Council:

I. Purpose

The Urban Council shall be an
all-University committee and shall have policy-recommending responsibilities
for all aspects of the San Francisco State University Urban Mission Program,
including resource allocations.
The Urban Council shall solicit advice, recommendations, and criticisms
from all members of the University community who want to become actively
involved in the Urban Mission. The
Urban Council shall provide guidance for the Director of the Urban
Mission. The Urban Council shall
also work toward creating a network for consultation and planning with Bay Area
organizations and those individuals who are willing to participate as partners
in the Urban Mission.

II. Membership

membership of the Urban Council shall consist of:

One member, appointed by the President of the
University, to serve for a three-year term.

One member of the Academic Senate, appointed by
the Senate Executive Committee, to serve for one year.

Three elected members

One candidate shall be nominated
by the faculty of each school, the Library, and Educational Support
Services. The Academic Senate
shall then elect three from this list of nominees. Members shall have overlapping terms of three years, with
the first set of terms to be determined by the number of votes received in the
Senate election.

One student, selected by the Associated Students,
to serve for one year

The Director of SFSU Urban Mission activities, ex

III. Chair
of the Urban Council

chair of the Urban Council shall be elected from among its voting members.

IV. Frequency
of Meetings

The Urban Council shall meet at
least three times a semester. The
Urban Mission Director shall convene the first meeting of the academic year;
subsequent meetings shall be convened by the Chair of the Urban Council.

V. Final

At the end of each academic year,
the Urban Council shall submit a final report, including recommendations for
policy consideration, to the Academic Senate.

February 17, 1982

I have reviewed
Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #F81-84 and approve it with
reservations. The success of the
University’s Urban Mission depends upon active involvement by the academic
community. Though individual
efforts by faculty and staff have certainly supported the idea of Urban
Mission, University commitment remains ill-defined. If an Urban Council can bring about a change in this state
of affairs, it has my support; but I suggest that a more than another Council
is needed.

President Paul F. Romberg