Service Salary Step Increase Policy

Reference Number: S00-209
Senate Approval Date: Saturday, January 01, 2000

San Francisco State University Academic Senate

Policy on Service Salary Step Increase



At its meeting of February 22, 2000, the Academic Senate approved the following policy on Service Salary Step Increase:

At San Francisco State University, the Policy on Service Salary Step Increase is established in compliance with the Service Salary Increase (SSI) Program described in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (hereafter CBA) between the California State University (CSU) and the California Faculty Association (CFA).

SSI Definition, Eligibility, and Principles

SSI refers to upward movement on the salary schedule.  The CFA and CSU shall determine SSI salary adjustments during annual negotiations.   SSI eligibility is determined at the time of appointment, or most recent promotion, and is not affected by the award of a Faculty Merit Increase (FMI). 

The criteria to be used when evaluating eligible employees for an SSI shall be whether the faculty unit employee has demonstrated satisfactory performance commensurate with rank, work assignment, and years of service.

Upon completion of twenty-four (24) units in the same department or equivalent unit, temporary employees shall receive an SSI award provided they meet the eligibility requirements and criteria detailed above.

The Office of Academic Affairs, working in conjunction with Human Resources, will provide the following information to departments/equivalent administrative units and colleges: a list of all faculty unit employees, their rank and classification, their annual salary, and their eligibility for SSI awards.   For purposes of SSI review, equivalent administrative units are the units in which faculty hold their appointments.

SSI eligible faculty unit employees shall submit a Faculty Activity Report (FAR) according to the guidelines established in the policy covering the FMI Program.  The review for SSI awards shall be conducted separate from, and prior to, the review of employees under the Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) Program.  A faculty unit employee who receives an SSI award may also receive up to an additional seven and one-half percent (7.5%) FMI.  Recommendations to either grant or deny an SSI shall be made by the department chair/director, and by the dean.  SSI recommendations will be forwarded along with FMI award recommendations to the President via the FMI/SSI Program Tracking Sheet.  The President shall either grant or deny the Service Salary Step Increase.


SSI Appeals Process

A faculty unit employee may appeal the decision to deny an SSI to the President no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the President’s decision.   An SSI appeals committee drawn by lot from the FMI appeals panel elected each fall shall hear the appeals.  Faculty employees who are appealing SSI decisions shall not serve on the appeals committee that year.

The appeals committee will hear appeals individually.  The faculty unit employee (and/or his/her representative) may present evidence to the appeals committee.  A majority decision by the committee shall be required to grant any appeal, and the decision of the appeals committee shall be final and binding.

All unexpended funds from the pool for SSI eligible faculty shall be available to fund successful appeals.  Any portion of the reserved pool that is not expended in the above manner shall be rolled over and added to the pool for FMIs for the following year’s review cycle.