Resolution on Proposition 38

Resolution Number: RF00-173
September, 2000

Resolution on Proposition 38


At its meeting of October 10, 2000, the Academic Senate unanimously approved the following resolution on Proposition 38:

RESOLVED that the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University oppose Proposition 38, the Constitutional Amendment Initiative entitled "School Vouchers. State-Funded Private and Religious Education. Public School Funding." that will appear on the November 7, 2000 General Election ballot.

RATIONALE: This initiative will cause additional unspecified damage to a system of public education already in financial crisis and will likely decrease access to quality education for a majority of California students. It is the obligation of all who support public education to work against initiatives which erode an open and democratic system of universal public education. Both the Academic Senate, CSU and the CSU Board of Trustees have passed similar resolutions.