Resolution on Campus Reporting on CSU Accountability Indicator #11

Resolution Number: RF00-175
September, 2000

Resolution on Campus Reporting

on CSU Accountability Indicator #11


At its meeting

of December 5, 2000, the Academic Senate unanimously approved the following

resolution on Campus Reporting on CSU Accountability Indicator #11:


that the Academic Senate forward the following recommendations to the

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to guide his office

in preparing the campus report, covering Academic Years 1998-99 and

1999-2000, for the CSU on Accountability Indicator #11 ("Four-Year Performance

Areas and Indicators: 11. Faculty scholarship and creative achievement"):


List the campus initiatives which provide financial and assigned time

support for faculty, the dates these initiatives were established, the

total amount of funding for each initiative, and what ranks of faculty

are eligible for each.


For any given classification of support, e.g. President's Award, indicate

- for each year reviewed in the report -- the number of faculty eligible

for the award, the number of applicants from that eligible pool, the

number of awards granted, and the amount of each award.


For grants and contracts, distinguish between those grants which are

faculty initiated and those which are campus initiated - the extensive

amount of faculty work in these endeavors should be recognized.


For the "outcomes" section, allow each college dean to coordinate the

information coming from the departments, and allow each department to

decide whether and how it will report on faculty scholarship and creative

achievement. The Academic Senate strongly urges that this process be

voluntary, that no department or program be penalized for not participating

in the reporting, and that no format or mechanism be imposed - apart

from setting page limits and a deadline for submission.


Under no circumstances will the data gathered during this reporting

process be used to compare departments or colleges; no department or

college shall be disadvantaged because of its decisions on whether and

how to present such material.


The report should take the opportunity to inform the Chancellor's Office

and ensure that the Chancellor's Office understands that there is far

more scholarly productivity than that supported by various campus funding

efforts and, in fact, that the majority of faculty still provide their

own support for professional development.


It would be enlightening for the Chancellor's Office, the Board of

Trustees and the California Legislature to have a better sense not only

of the scholarly output of the CSU faculty, but how that is accomplished.

To that end we ask that a recommendation be sent to the Chancellor's

Office that it commission a survey of all CSU faculty and that this

survey include, at a minimum, the opportunity for faculty (a) to assess

the support they receive from their campus and the CSU and (b) to comment

on the quality and quantity of this support with respect to the faculty

member's own professional and scholarly productivity.


that the text of this resolution be made available to all CSU campus

senate chairs and to the chair of the Academic Senate, CSU.