Support of International Education Week November 13-16, 2007

Resolution Number: RF07-259
September, 2007

Senate Resolution


Support of
International Education Week November 13-16, 2007

April 19, 2000, President William J. Clinton issued an Executive Memorandum,
that encouraged the presence of international students in the U.S., promoted
study abroad by our students, supported the international exchange of teachers
and scholars, and promoted the study of foreign languages and cultures; and

response to the memorandum of President Clinton, the U.S. Departments of Education
and State declared the second week of November to be International Education
Week; and

Commission on University Strategic Planning (CUSP), in 1998, affirmed the
following principles for internationalizing San Francisco State University:

Principle 1: The University must recognize its
international dimension in its strategic planning.
Principle 2: The University must integrate knowledge and concerns in a global
framework in order to serve as a center of information and a network on global issues.
Principle 3: The University must create an environment that promotes
understanding of ethnic/cultural diversity, social and class differences, and
equality and inequality in the local community, the nation, and the world.
Principle 4: The University must integrate the perspective and values of the
various cultures of the United States with those of other countries, in order
to dismantle external and internal barriers to power that separate communities
and peoples.
Principle 5: The University must affirm the values of diversity, tolerance,
egalitarianism, and mutual respect in all of its curricular and
community-related activities; and

WHEREAS the Commission on University Strategic Planning (CUSP II) in 2005
confirmed in its Goal IV states “San Francisco State University provides its
students, faculty, and staff with international experiences, perspectives, and
It states that the University will pursue the
following objectives:

infuses international content into its curriculum.

promotes study abroad for students and international exchanges for faculty as
priorities for internationalization.

engages international students and scholars as important resources for

ensures campus-wide support of internationalization at all levels of the

Francisco State University currently stands first in the CSU both in the number
of its students who study abroad and in the number of international students
who study at our campus; now therefore be it

RESOLVED that the
Academic Senate of San Francisco State University designate the 3rd week in
November as our campus’ International Education Week; and be it further

RESOLVED that the
Academic Senate, SFSU, encourage faculty members to internationalize their
curriculum and also bring to the attention of their students the opportunities
for study abroad through one of the many CSU and SFSU programs; and be it

RESOLVED that the Academic Senate,
SFSU, commend the Division of International Education, the Office of
International Programs, All-University Committee on International Programs, and
Trevor Getz, the elected SFSU representative to the CSU Academic Council on
International Programs for all they have done to promote international education
at SFSU.

Approved by the Academic Senate on October 23, 2007***