Commending and Honoring of Professor Kim Foreman, in Memoriam

Resolution Number: RF10-276
September, 2010





RESOLUTION in honor of Professor KIM FOREMAN, In memoriam


Whereas,         Professor Kim Foreman joined the faculty of San Francisco State University in 1989 and served as a valued member of the Department of Instructional Technologies, Chair of that Department, and as a member of the Academic Senate (serving on the Academic Program Review Committee); and


Whereas,         Professor Foreman has exemplified the mission and spirit of San Francisco State University as a leading scholar and community activist who carried out her passions for teaching and community work world-wide; and,


Whereas,        Professor Foreman was a leading scholar in the use of social media in formal and informal learning environments, multimedia interface design, learning theory and technology integration, having over thirty scholarly publications and conference presentations too numerous to mention; and 


Whereas,        Professor Foreman was instrumental in the redesign and change of the Department of the then- Department of Educational Technology into a Department of Instructional Technologies, helping to create and teach new courses and a new curriculum; and,


Whereas,        Professor Foreman was on the advisory board of the international division of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology and assisted across the globe with teacher training, creating programs in faculty development, and technology integration; and,


Whereas,         Professor Foreman was active and influential in the Korean community in, among other activities, writing a bi-monthly educational column for the Korea Times and co-authoring another column called “Korean and Korean Culture Through the Eyes of Strangers”; and,


Whereas,         Professor Foreman initiated teacher training in 1998 in Africa after initially working with the African Project to deliver food and clothes to refugees of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, and thereafter worked summers in Rwanda providing teacher training, seminars, and other professional or charitable projects; and,


Whereas,         Professor Foreman died on August 3rd,  2010 from injuries sustained in an auto accident in Africa while on her 10th mission doing the work she loved with people whom she cared about; NOW THEREFORE BE IT


Resolved,        That the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University memorialize the achievements of Professor Kim Hyun Deok Foreman and express its condolences upon her death; and be it further


Resolved,         That the Academic Senate recognizes Professor Foreman’s activism and scholarship as an inspiration for our students, faculty, administrators, and staff; and be it further


Resolved,        That Professor Foreman be posthumously endowed with the deep and everlasting gratitude of the Academic Senate and the entire SF State University community.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on September 7, 2010***