Commending and Honoring Professor Paul Longmore, in Memoriam

Resolution Number: RF10-277
September, 2010











In Honor of Professor Paul Longmore, in Memoriam





Whereas,                    Professor Paul Longmore joined the faculty of San Francisco State University in 1992 and  served as a valued member of the Department of History, a director of the Institute on Disability, and a member of the Academic Senate; and


Whereas,         Professor Longmore long exemplified the mission and spirit of San Francisco State University as a leading scholar and advocate for disability rights, for which he was recognized in 2004 with the prestigious Henry B. Betts Award given by the American Association of Persons with Disabilities, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and the Princes Charitable Trusts to “honor an individual whose work and scope of influence have significantly improved the quality of life for people with disabilities”, as well as numerous other grants; and


Whereas,         Professor Longmore was a leading scholar in both the fields of American history and disability studies, having among his most influential publications The Invention of George Washington, Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability, as well as the History of Disability book series and forthcoming volumes on the cultural framing of disabilities in the United States and the emergence of nationalism in the period prior to the American Revolution; and 


Whereas,         Professor Longmore regularly contributed to the popular press and fought valiantly to transform social understandings of disability and for the rights of people with disabilities; and


Whereas,         Professor Longmore was recognized for his activism and scholarship in 2006 with the California State University Wang Family Excellence Award; and      


Whereas,         Professor Longmore was a beloved friend and mentor and a respected colleague to many faculty and staff at San Francisco State University and across the country, as well as a highly influential teacher and advisor to students at this university; and


Whereas,         Professor Longmore passed away in his apartment on Monday, August 9, 2010; NOW THEREFORE BE IT


Resolved,        That the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University memorialize the achievements of Professor Paul Longmore and express its condolences upon his passing; and be it further


Resolved,        That the Academic Senate recognize Professor Longmore’s activism and scholarship as an inspiration for our students, faculty, administrators, and staff; and be it further


Resolved,        That Professor Longmore be posthumously endowed with the deep and everlasting gratitude of the Academic Senate and the entire SF State University community.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on September 7, 2010***