Commending and Honoring Professor Zoe Cardoza Clayson, in Memoriam

Resolution Number: RF10-278
September, 2010






(#RF10- 278)





Resolution in honor of Professor ZOE Cardoza CLAYSON





 in Memoriam


Whereas,        Professor Zoe Cardoza Clayson joined the faculty of San Francisco State University in 1997 and served as a valued member of the Department of Health Education, Chair of the department’s Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee, and as a mentor to many junior faculty; and,


Whereas,        Professor Clayson exemplified the mission and spirit of San Francisco State University as a teacher and social activist who passionately carried out her teaching and community work in health policy, evaluation, and social justice; and,


Whereas,        Professor Clayson was a leading scholar with a tremendous depth of professional training and experience in the area of health policy and evaluation.  Beginning her career as a political science major at CSU Hayward, Dr. Clayson moved on to other important activities including work as a health policy analyst for the U.S Department of Labor, completing her doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, where she stayed on as adjunct faculty while serving as Evaluation Director for the Worker’s Institute for Safety and Health in Washington D.C., and finally joining the University of California at San Francisco Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, before coming to SF State. 


Whereas,        Professor Clayson was involved in important research contributing to the health of underserved populations.  Most recently she had collaborated on the evaluation of a California Endowment initiative focusing on reducing disparities in obesity and diabetes by improving food and physical activity environments for school-aged children.


Whereas,         Professor Clayson was a highly respected teacher bringing her rich background to the classroom and contributing important innovations to the Health Education curriculum including designing a new Environmental Studies course integrating undergraduate and graduate Health Education majors with other students from across campus, introducing important concepts of social justice and the environment; and,


Whereas,         Professor Clayson actively presented her work on health program evaluation and environmental justice, sharing her insights and enthusiasm with other colleagues in countries around the globe such as Mexico, Egypt, India and Vietnam;  and,


Whereas,        Professor Clayson was the founder and president of Abundantia Consulting, an organization focused on strategic evaluation for philanthropic and non-governmental organizations internationally; and,


Whereas,        Professor Clayson passed away on June 25, 2010; NOW THEREFORE BE IT


Resolved,       That the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University memorialize the achievements of Professor Zoe Clayson and express its condolences upon her death; and be it further


Resolved,       That the Academic Senate recognizes Professor Clayson’s activism and scholarship as an inspiration for our students, faculty, administrators, and staff; and be it further


Resolved,       That Professor Clayson be posthumously endowed with the deep and everlasting gratitude of the Academic Senate and the entire SF State University community.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on September 21, 2010***