In Support of Principles of Shared Governance in Reorganization

Resolution Number: RF11-293
September, 2011







Academic Senate Resolution






Whereas,            the faculty at San Francisco State University voted to implement a structure of  reorganization at the University in Spring 2011; and

Whereas,            the San Francisco State University Academic Senate passed and President Corrigan signed a policy on Principles Regarding Academic Reorganization (S92-178) that states that “any organizational change of this      kind must be considered within the framework of principles and processes to be articulated prior to any actual planning process”; and

Whereas,            those principles articulated include opportunities for broad participation of the entire academic community, including faculty, staff, students and administration; and

Whereas,            those principles also demand that the “primary consideration in any proposal for organizational change” shall be the “perspectives and preferences of department and program faculty”; and

Whereas,            the Academic Senate recognizes the complexity of and challenges within reorganization planning and implementation; and

Whereas,            the San Francisco State University Academic Senate temporarily suspended the Policy on the Designation of Colleges and the Redefinition of Schools and Departments (S94-190) until December 31, 2011, at which date it will be back in effect; therefore be it

Resolved,            that San Francisco State University Academic Senate reiterate the importance of shared governance during campus reorganization and further note that reorganization should proceed on the principles established in Academic Senate Policy S92-178; and be it further

Resolved,            that the San Francisco State University Academic Senate strongly encourage university leadership regularly to engage and inform faculty and staff in reorganization planning; and be in further

Resolved,            that San Francisco State University Academic Senate pledge its support and assistance, collectively and individually, to colleges and departments to help facilitate conversations and provide any other service as appropriate.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on November 1, 2011***