Resolution regarding a Moratorium on the Faculty Merit Increase Process

Resolution Number: RS01-180
January, 2001

Resolution In Support Of

A Presidential Moratorium

On Faculty Merit Increase Process


WHEREAS, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement

(CBA) expires on June 30, 2001; and

WHEREAS, the Salary Step Increase (SSI), unlike

the Faculty Merit Increase (FMI), is determined after consideration of

the Personnel Action File; and

WHEREAS, the current CBA contains no language allocating

funds from the 2001-02 compensation package to the FMI program; and

WHEREAS, the 2001-02 California budget and funding

for the California State University (CSU) are not yet known and, therefore,

funding does not currently exist to support another round of FMI review,

recommendations, rebuttals, and appeals; and

WHEREAS, there is no assurance that the current

FMI program and process will be continued in the new CBA, and there are

some indications that a different merit pay program may replace it; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco State University is the only

campus in the CSU that implements FMI review in the spring semester; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco State University has completed

three cycles of FMI review under the current CBA; and

WHEREAS, in a faculty survey the faculty of San

Francisco State University voted 312 to 159 not to proceed with FMI review

in Spring 2001; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Academic Senate, SFSU recommend

that all faculty members file their Faculty Activity Reports (FAR) and

that all departments make appropriate recommendations regarding SSI, according

to the most recent timetable distributed by the Dean of Faculty Affairs;

and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Academic Senate, SFSU find it

premature and imprudent to begin FMI reviews and recommendations before

a successor CBA is in place; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Academic Senate, SFSU urge

President Robert Corrigan to heed the results of the faculty FMI survey

and not implement another round of FMI review and recommendations until

a successor CBA is in place, and that the Academic Senate, SFSU look forward

to the decision on FMIs that President Corrigan indicated would be forthcoming

by March 23, 2001.

***APPROVED March 20, 2001***