Resolution on the Tentative Agreement

Resolution Number: RS02-191
January, 2002




Francisco State University




Whereas         Faculty in the California State

University (CSU) have now been working without a contract for nearly a year;


Whereas         Bargaining for a successor contract has

been dangerously adversarial even through the final stages of the fact-finding

process; and

Whereas         The California Faculty Association (CFA)

and the CSU have now, after these long and arduous discussions, developed a

tentative agreement for a successor contract for teaching faculty, librarians,

and counselors in the CSU; therefore let it be

Resolved        That the Academic Senate of San

Francisco State University applaud the Parties for addressing the numerous and

complex issues in language

that will produce more

equitable and dignified treatment of all faculty;

and further be it

Resolved        That the Academic Senate of San Francisco

State University thank those individuals who committed themselves for many

months to the cause of faculty in the CSU and to the larger goals of higher

education in general; and further be it

Resolved        That a copy of this resolution be sent

to the President of the CFA, the Chair of the Academic Senate CSU, the chairs

of the campus senates, the Chancellor of the CSU, and the Chair of the Board of

Trustees of the CSU.