Resolution in Support of the March 15th, 2004, Events in Sacramento

Resolution Number: RS04-226
January, 2004

Resolution Supporting the March 15 Rally in Sacramento,

Whereas Despite
passage of ballot propositions 57 and 58, the CSU continues to be

threatened by the California fiscal crisis; and

Whereas The
budget reduction projected for SFSU has forced the campus to consider both
short-term and long-range cuts that will have permanent effects on academic
programs at SFSU; and

Whereas Faculty,
staff, administrators and students will suffer from these cuts; and

Whereas Students
in the California community colleges organized a highly successful march and
rally in Sacramento in spring of 2003, attended by about 7000 students, as a
result of which funding for the community colleges was increased by many
millions of dollars; and

Whereas Students in the California community colleges plan a
similar event for

March 15, 2004 -- the ides of
March; and

Whereas Leadership
of the Associated Students of SFSU is working on ways in which

SFSU students can participate in
this event, and organizing means by which students from this campus can attend;

Whereas Brian
Murphy, of the SFSU Urban Institute, made a vigorous presentation at the
Academic Senate meeting of February 24, 2004, recommending that faculty and
campus administrators endorse this activity;

Whereas A
highly visible presence of CSU students would remind state decision-makers
that, like their community college peers, they have profound concerns about the
effect on their education of the dwindling state support for higher education
in this state; therefore be it

Resolved That the Academic Senate of SFSU ask all faculty to
tell their students about this event and encourage students to participate in
it; and further be it

Resolved That
students be given any way possible to make up classwork they miss if

they attend this
event, an example of civic engagement; and further be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU remind faculty and administrators that

even if they cannot attend
themselves they can provide financial support for this venture by contributing
to the fund established by Associated Students SFSU; and further be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU thank Dr. Murphy for prompting faculty

to act on this

*** Approved Unanimously by the Academic Senate on March 9,
2004 ***