Resolution in Support of CFA Coalition to Save the CSU

Resolution Number: RS04-228
January, 2004

Resolution in Support of the Coalition to Save the CSU, #RS04-228

Whereas Passage
of the Governor's proposed 2004/05 state budget would mean that state support
for the CSU will have been cut by half a billion dollars in the last two years;

Whereas These
cuts represent the latest in a 30 year trend of reducing state support for the
CSU: in 1967/68 the CSU budget made up 6% of the state's General Fund but in
2003/04 it will be only 3.5%; and

Whereas Cuts
of this magnitude will be certain to affect drastically the ability of faculty
to provide a high-quality education to the millions of people in California who
rely on the CSU for higher education and for an educated workforce; and

Whereas The
proposed budget also includes the third student fee increase in two years,
thereby increasing undergraduate student fees by 58 percent and graduate fees
by 110 percent; and

Whereas Student
success programs, such as the Educational Opportunity Program, have been
targeted for elimination; and

Whereas More
than 20,000 qualified students will be denied admission to the CSU next year
(on top of the 15,000 who were denied admission last year); and

Whereas Cuts
to the CSU will have a profoundly negative effect on the California economy and
directly affect the greater San Francisco Bay Area communities; therefore be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU strongly endorse the Coalition to Save the CSU and
encourage faculty to participate in activities that promote the coalition; and
be it further

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU encourage all faculty to support the efforts of the
Coalition to Save the CSU and to encourage members of their personal and
professional networks to join the Coalition and reaffirm their commitment to
the CSU.

*** Unanimously Approved by the Academic Senate on April 27, 2004 ***