Resolution on Blocking SPAM

Resolution Number: RS04-229
January, 2004

on Blocking SPAM, #RS04-229

Whereas Spam®
in its traditional manifestation, while perhaps useful on camping trips or as
emergency rations in earthquake supply stashes; and

Whereas SFSU,
the City’s University, prides itself on respecting diversity of all kinds, most
especially authentic culinary diversity, a description that cannot properly be
applied to Spam® except, perhaps, in Hawai`i; and

Whereas The
electronic detritus known as spam has few socially redeeming traits, fills the
inboxes of unsuspecting recipients with unwanted, unpalatable, and often
undesirable messages, and distracts receivers from work and other incidental
occupations, and

Whereas Campus
administrators charged with oversight of technology report that 60% of all
incoming e-mail to the SFSU server now consists of spam; and

Whereas Many
faculty, staff, students and administrators at SFSU have complained in their
traditional fashion -- loudly and vigorously -- about this increasing volume of
spam; and

Whereas The
University has provided many techniques for slicing and dicing spam such as
identifying and filtering yet this onslaught continues; and

Whereas Spam
has continued despite the enactment of federal legislation to prohibit it --
the CAN-SPAM Act (effective January 2004); and

Whereas Any
individual with a fondness for electronic spam has access to a variety of
services that would deliver it faithfully, frequently, and at no cost, thus
satisfying their appetite for mail unwanted by others; therefore be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU urge campus technology officers and other
administrators to take additional steps to block the hundreds of thousands of
spam messages now making their way onto the SFSU server; and be it further

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU ask the Division of Information Technology to
spearhead the appropriate actions to reduce the glut of unwanted, unwarranted,
and tasteless information besieging the academy, and to offer as many options
as possible to control and eradicate this unwelcome intrusion; and be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU assign to the Educational Technology Advisory
Committee (ETAC) the responsibilities of a) working with the Division of
Information Technology to provide faculty consultation throughout this process,
and b) serving as liaison to the Academic Senate in order to apprise faculty of
the efforts to block spam on this campus; and be it further

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU convey the sentiments herein expressed to the
Associated Students, SFSU; staff leadership, SFSU; ASCSU; and Chancellor
Charles B. Reed.

*** Approved by the Academic Senate on April 27, 2004 ***