Resolution on a 'Smoke-Free' Campus - Utilizing Designated Smoking Areas at SFSU'

Resolution Number: RS04-230
January, 2004

Resolution for a “Smoke
Free” Campus Utilizing Designated Smoking Areas at SFSU, #RS04-230

Whereas President Corrigan,
in August 2003, with full awareness of the dangers of smoking, issued the ban
on the sale of tobacco products on the SFSU campus and increased the No Smoking
areas in front of buildings to 30 feet, and

Whereas Smoking continues to
be a major source of death and disease in the United States, and

Whereas Nicotine is known to be more addictive
than heroin and alcohol, and

Whereas Tobacco companies use all forms of
advertising to entice young people to smoke,
with the certainty that the sooner hooked, the longer a smoker, and

Whereas Tobacco companies have targeted 18-25 year
olds, gay men and lesbians,

and racial and ethnic minorities--- in other words, a vast majority of the

community--- for advertising designed to entice these groups, and

Whereas Second
hand smoke has documented deleterious health effects on smokers

non smokers—including teenagers and children—who are exposed to second hand
smoke walking on pathways that traverse the campus, and

Whereas The designation of 30 foot no smoking
limits around campus buildings has not

effective in diminishing the amount of second hand smoke that non-smokers are
exposed to while walking around campus and in and out of buildings, and

Whereas Whereas
the public safety personnel at SFSU are, of necessity, involved with

other tasks and reluctant to enforce the thirty foot limits, therefore be it

Resolved That, in the interests of the health and
well being of non-smokers and smokers alike, the Student Affairs Committee of
the Academic Senate strongly urges the President of San Francisco State
University, Robert Corrigan, and the Academic Senate of SFSU to declare SFSU a
smoke free campus and be it further

Resolved That the University designate small, restricted and well
marked areas, isolated

from frequent foot
traffic, as legal smoking areas, and be it further

Resolved That the University seek to identify,
support and develop education and health

resources to
inform the community of the effects of smoking and second hand smoke, and to
support smoking cessation programs, and be it further

Resolved That this resolution be communicated to the entire SFSU

*** Approved by the
Academic Senate on April 27, 2004 ***