Resolution on the Increase in Textbook Prices

Resolution Number: RS04-231
January, 2004

Resolution on the
Increase in Textbook Prices, #RS04-231

Whereas Research by Public
Interest Research Groups has shown that the price of college textbooks is
rising and that students spent as much as 20% more on textbooks in 2003 than
they spent in 1997, and

Whereas Textbook publishers
add ancillaries that drive up the price of textbooks and most faculty do not
use these materials, and

Whereas Textbook publishers put
new editions on the market frequently, often with few content changes, making
the less expensive, used textbooks obsolete and unavailable, and

Whereas 500 Math Professors
recently signed a “call to action” urging publisher Thompson Learning to
address student concerns about exorbitant textbook prices, and asking that
Thompson Learning “continue to publish the current edition of Calculus: Early
Transcendental until there has been significantly new content in the field of
calculus….that would justify an update” and

Whereas San Francisco State
University students are already struggling with tuition and fee increases as
well as the high cost of living both on campus and in the San Francisco Bay Area,

Whereas Further
increases in tuition, fees and living costs are mandated or anticipated for

2004-2005, and students are faced with increasing costs and decreasing course
offerings, and

Whereas Alternatives to the
highest price, most recent edition of many textbooks, when available, present
little or no sacrifice of educational content or standard; therefore be it

Resolved That the teaching faculty
of SFSU work in collaboration with the SFSU Bookstore to challenge the
opportunistic and mercenary publishing practices of the textbook publishers and
seek to find lower cost alternatives to high priced textbooks and,
specifically, be it

Resolved That the
bookstore notify faculty of the price of their chosen textbook and of less

alternatives, and be it further

Resolved That the
bookstore may reject textbooks that are made available only in their

state, and be it further

Resolved That the sentiments expressed here be conveyed to
the SFSU campus community, to major textbook publishers, to Chancellor Charles
B. Reed, to ASCSU, to the higher Education Committees of the State Assembly and
State Senate and to the Governor.

*** Approved by the Academic Senate on April
27, 2004 ***