Resolution on Collegiality

Resolution Number: RS04-234
January, 2004

Resolution Reaffirming
SFSU’s Standards of Collegial Behavior

Whereas The
values embedded in the concept of “collegiality” represent behavioral
expectations as well as a general ethos; and

Whereas The
SFSU policy entitled "Criteria for Retention and Tenure" --
-- states that

for retention or tenure on this campus should exhibit “professional ethics and
principles, and accept[s] responsibility for working effectively with
colleagues to achieve department, college, and university goals”; and

Whereas The
standard of collegial behavior articulated in this policy applies to all

but is very non-specific in its language; and

Whereas It
is the responsibility of every college or university to ensure that all

as well as permanent, are acquainted with these principles and

-- which set the standard for performance of professional roles and

in higher education; and

Whereas The
values of the professoriate as an entity unto itself may at times conflict with
the values or desires of specific academic disciplines; and

Whereas It
is always prudent to prevent avoidable problems, in this case by ensuring that

members of the University community be made aware of the standards and
expectations of the setting in which they have chosen to work; and

Whereas Lapses
in collegial behavior often have painful, deep, and long-lasting consequences
that can corrode morale; destroy trust, respect, and personal relationships;
constrain effective functioning of academic programs; and damage careers; and

Whereas Major
institutional crises often have among their first casualties adherence to the
ethos and to the high standards of interpersonal conduct that define collegial
behavior; therefore be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU strongly reaffirm its belief in the behavioral
demonstrations of collegiality: candor in the discussion of professional
matters; trustworthiness in the execution of professional duties and tasks;
reliability in adherence to a high ethical standard of conduct as is assumed in
all professional domains; ‘transparency’ in decision-making processes; and the
other related demonstrations of professional maturity so often taken for
granted but often breached in various ways; respect for differences in
perspective; and further be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU heartily commend those members of the University
community -- faculty, staff, and administrators -- who demonstrate their
adherence to the principles and spirit of collegiality in program/department,
School, College, and all-University governance; and further be it

Resolved That
the Academic Senate of SFSU urge the university to discuss in some depth at new
faculty orientation the principles and values of the professoriate, with
special attention to collegial behavior.

*** Approved by the Academic Senate on May 11, 2004 ***