Thanking and Commending Departing Senators

Resolution Number: RS08-265
January, 2008



Thanking and Commending 2007-2008 Outgoing Senators

Academic Senate of the California State University adopted a statement on
Collegiality in the California State University that included these opening

smooth and effective operation of a complex multipurpose university system
requires a spirit of collegiality that both reflects and fosters mutual respect
among all groups within the system.
Collegiality consists of a shared decision-making process and a set of
attitudes which cause individuals to regard the members of the various
constituencies of the university as responsible for the success of the academic

to this concept is the understanding that a university is a community of
scholars who, out of mutual respect for the expertise and contributions of
their colleagues, agree that shared decision-making in areas of recognized
primary responsibility constitutes the means whereby a university best
preserves its academic integrity and most effectively attains its educational


WHEREAS the success of
shared decision-making in the University is dependent upon the willingness of
members of the University community to serve on the many agencies of academic
governance; and

Academic Senate is the central agency for academic governance; and

WHEREAS willingness to
serve on the Academic Senate is, therefore, of fundamental importance to the
success of the academic enterprise; now therefore be it

the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University thank and commend the
following members of the University community who are completing their current
terms of service.

· Nathan
Avani, Education*

· Gilda
Bloom, Education

· Ramesh
Bollapragada, Business

· Sudip
Chattopadhyay, Behavioral and Social Science

· Yitwah
Cheung, Science and Engineering*

· Robert
Collins, Ethnic Studies

· Don
Danner, Business*

· Harvey
(Skip) Davis, Health and Human Services

· Ned
Fielden, Library

· Dan
Gonzales, Ethnic Studies

· Nancy
Hayes, College of Business

· James
Kohn, Humanities*

· Krupa
Kothari, Associated Students

· Josh
Levine, Creative Arts

· Martin
Linder, Creative Arts

· David
Meredith, Science and Engineering

· Masahiko
Minami, Humanities*

· Leroy
Morishita, Administration and Finance*

· Penny
Saffold, Student Affairs

· James
Sheldon, Associated Students*

· Alastair
Smith, Student Affairs

· Genie
Stowers, Behavioral and Social Science

· Dean
Suzuki, Creative Arts

· Don
Taylor, College of Health and Human Services*

· Shawn
Whalen, Humanities*

· Nini
Yang, Business

And be it further

RESOLVED that the Senate appreciates the leadership and commitment of its
former Chair, David Meredith, who, as Secretary of the Senate, recorded this
year’s minutes with mathematical precision and whose presence in this body will
be sorely missed; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Senate honors the leadership of Martin Linder as Chair the
Curriculum Review and Approval Committee for his innovative contributions to
improving the curriculum review process as well as his keen attention to detail
in all of the Committee’s work; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Senate salutes the leadership of Genie Stowers for her six
years of truly distinguished service to this body as Chair of the Academic
Program Review Committee, as Co-Chair of the Strategic Issues Committee, and as
an invaluable member of the Executive Committee. *Returning
for a second term.

*** Approved by the Academic Senate on May 13,