Resolution Commending Marilyn Verhey

Resolution Number: RS08-266
January, 2008


Whereas Marilyn Verhey prepared brilliantly for her
career at San Francisco State University, showing great foresight by preparing
for and working in the fields of library science and psychiatric nursing; and

Whereas Marilyn
Verhey has served San Francisco State for seventeen years as a faculty member,
campus assessment guru or ‘czar,’ and Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional
Development; and

Whereas Within the
School of Nursing, Marilyn Verhey was the ultimate scholar, placing students at
the center of her work, supporting faculty, and providing leadership for the
first community health clinic operated by San Francisco State University; and

Whereas Marilyn
Verhey has for all these years been a university citizen par excellence;

Whereas Marilyn Verhey has been a role-model for both
faculty and administrators in her dedication to complete and open consultation
with faculty on a broad range of matters from developing a revised university
form for student evaluation of teaching effectiveness to devising reasonable
processes to actualize the often-impenetrable language of the Collective
Bargaining Agreement; and

Marilyn Verhey, as Dean of Faculty Affairs, has consistently made herself
accessible to faculty who needed advice, sought an informed view about issues
important to them, or simply wanted to talk to her, thereby demonstrating her
view of the role as a resource for faculty and her respect for faculty in
general; and

Whereas Under
Marilyn Verhey’s guidance, the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development
realized an enlarged vision of its purposes and has now become a rich source
for faculty seeking professional growth whether in the classroom or in
scholarly/creative pursuits -- a perspective that invites faculty to enlarge
their knowledge and expand their teaching repertoire; and

Whereas Marilyn
Verhey has modeled for all of us a way of coping with major or chronic illness,
transforming theory into praxis in her frankness about her experience, her
straightforwardness and honesty about it, her lack of self-

in acknowledging it, and her gentle sense of humor in describing some of its
effects on her daily life; and

Whereas Marilyn
Verhey comes to work each day with enthusiasm, energy, an inclination to solve
problems, an even-handed pragmatism, and a humaneness that becomes the Office
of Faculty Affairs; and

Whereas In
short, Marilyn Verhey has epitomized in all her roles the ineffable quality of
“being there” for faculty and for the entire University; and

Whereas It is Marilyn Verhey’s plan to challenge the
American pioneer spirit and Horace Greeley (who urged, "Go west, young
man!"), reversing the traditional course of
American geo-history by moving to the ‘right coast,’ to the ultimate gain of LL
Bean, Hannaford Brothers, Boskov’s, OrangeOnions, the Burlington Coat Factory
and the great and independent State of Maine; therefore let it be

RESOLVED That the Academic Senate of San
Francisco State University vigorously applaud the many and diverse
contributions to this campus of Marilyn Verhey; and let it further be

RESOLVED That on behalf of all San Francisco
State University faculty the Academic Senate of SFSU hail Marilyn Verhey as a
model of the caring, cultured, humane, respectful, and superbly competent scholastica
cum administrator
and let it further be

the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University urge Marilyn Verhey to
explore the many pleasures of Deer Isle and its more-or-less immediate environs,
from the marine surroundings, “calm harbor,” granite quarries, and
ever-changing skies to the local fruits de mer
, bookstores, arts and crafts galleries,
celebrations like the Lupine Festival in spring and Winterfest in January, good
restaurants like Le Domaine in Hancock, and the eleven rabbitries sprinkled
across Maine; and let it further be

RESOLVED That the Academic Senate of San
Francisco State University share with Marilyn Verhey best wishes from the
entire university community for a long life, a pleasurable and peaceful
retirement, and the best of all worlds.