Commending and Honoring Dr. Yukihiro Goto and the Office of International Programs

Resolution Number: RS11-284
January, 2011



(#RS11 - 284)






Whereas, Dr. Yukihiro Goto was appointed Resident Director of Japan for the Academic Year 2010-   2011; and


Whereas, the tragic events in Japan following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant  incident put at risk the CSU students studying at Waseda University, thus resulting in the suspension of the Japan program and requiring immediate action by the Resident Director under challenging circumstances; and


Whereas, Dr. Goto provided exceptional leadership in contacting, supporting, and counseling students and arranging for their safe repatriation back to the U.S.; and


Whereas, Dr. Goto stayed with his students until they were all repatriated back to the U.S. which resulted in his missing the funeral of his father who passed away in Japan around the time of the earthquake; and


Whereas, the CSU Office of International Programs recognized that Dr. Goto’s leadership was crucial in addressing the students’ concerns and needs around the suspension of the Japan program; and


Whereas, the CSU Academic Council for International Programs (ACIP) passed a resolution recognizing Dr. Goto’s service and leadership which will be forwarded to the Chancellor, Board of Trustees; and President Robert Corrigan; and


Whereas, the SF State Office of International Programs took immediate action in contacting all registered students from Japan and in accounting for all SF State students in Japan for the CSU IP or bilateral programs within hours of receiving news about the earthquake; and


Whereas, the OIP convened a meeting of the 178 students from Japan, some of whom were from Sendai, currently registered this Spring semester to offer support and counseling services; and


Whereas, the OIP coordinated with the College Deans in helping students returning from Japan and those who were scheduled to leave for Japan to get credits for the Spring 2011 term; and


Whereas, the All-University Committee for International Programs (AUCIP) recognizes the admirable service of Dr. Goto and the OIP; therefore be it


Resolved, that the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University commends Dr. Yukihiro Goto and the OIP for their remarkable service to the University and CSU community in behalf of international education.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on April 26, 2011***