In Support of Alternative and Sustainable Transportation

Resolution Number: RS11-287
January, 2011



(#RS11 - 287)









WHEREAS,    as part of its strategic vision to become the nation’s preeminent public urban university, SF State has prepared a campus master plan that establishes a long term vision for the physical environment and identifies improvements to occur through 2020; and


WHEREAS,    these improvements focus on accommodating increased enrollment from 20,000 to 25,000 full-time equivalent students, 711 additional faculty and staff, expanded academic initiatives and ways to best serve its many constituents—from students, faculty and staff to alumni, friends and neighbors—who contribute to the University’s success; and


WHEREAS,    the University has acquired University Park North and University Park South with 697 and 262 units respectfully to provide students, faculty, and staff affordable on-campus housing to reduce commuter transit needs; and


WHEREAS,    the University seeks to use alternative, sustainable transportation to support its growth ; and


WHEREAS,    the University has undertaken a comprehensive and recurring analysis of the transportation patterns of our community, which has informed the University’s transportation planning initiatives; and


WHEREAS,    in fall 2009, the University adopted a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan including strategies, timeline, and monitoring plan in order to minimize the transportation impacts of enrollment growth, specifically AM and PM peak-period vehicle trips to the campus; and   


WHEREAS,    the University established a Transportation Committee composed of representative from campus departments involved with transportation and reporting to the Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Vice President of Student Affairs and charged with serving as the coordinating body for all transportation matters, including implementation of the TDM plan; and


WHEREAS,    the University has implemented several TDM programs including “Zipcar,” pre-tax commuter cost payroll deductions and the installation of hundreds of new bicycle racks on campus since fall 2008; and


WHEREAS,    the University has participated in several initiatives, including “Bike to School Day,” “Bike to Work Day,” and “PARK(ing) Day” in an effort to raise awareness about the benefits of alternative transportation; and


WHEREAS,    the University has constructed a Class I bicycle and pedestrian pathway that connects Buckingham Way to the Bike Barn, and points south, thereby creating an important connection for cyclists and pedestrians; and


WHEREAS,    the University as adopted a Climate Action Plan with the goal of reducing the University’s greenhouse gas emissions 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2030, with particular attention to reducing transportation-related emissions; and


WHEREAS,    the University operates a shuttle between the campus and the Daly City BART Station, which provides a key transit connection and approximately 5,000 rides each day to commuters who might otherwise drive to campus; and


WHEREAS,    the Academic Senate supports the University’s efforts working with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to co-locate the University’s shuttle stop at the Daly City BART Station with the 28/28L SFMUNI line bus stop; and therefore be it


RESOLVED,  that the Academic Senate applauds the work of the University in seeking to minimize its carbon footprint by implementing TDM strategies that encourage the use of public transportation to and from campus and make cycling and walking more viable and safer options; and be it further


RESOLVED,  that the Academic Senate urges the University to continue to expand its efforts to further improve access to public transportation to and from the University; and be it further


RESOLVED,  that the Academic Senate encourages faculty, staff and student use of public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian commuting, and ride sharing.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on April 26, 2011***