Commending and Honoring Leroy M. Morishita

Resolution Number: RS11-288
January, 2011



(RS11 - 288)







WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita has served with distinction in a variety of senior leadership positions during his 29-year tenure at the San Francisco State University culminating in his current responsibilities as Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer; and





WHEREAS, In his current capacity, Leroy M. Morishita maintains oversight of the University's fiscal, facilities and residential operations including financial services, budget, internal audit, space management, facilities construction and maintenance, information technology, human resources, health and safety and housing; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita helped to make SF State’s campus a living laboratory for sustainability by implementing various environmentally-friendly measures such as improved energy efficiency, increased recycling, and advancing critical transit initiatives - all contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and a greener campus; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita’s influence can be seen in nearly every area of University life through his leadership on two significant initiatives: a property acquisition program that has enlarged the campus footprint and transformed student life, and the development of a physical master plan that was shaped with the academic program foremost in mind; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita has served as a Commissioner with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a former president of Asian Community Health Services, and is a member of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, the Japanese American Citizens League Health Benefits Association, the Asian Pacific Americans Higher Education Board, the National Association of College and University Business Officers, the Society for College and University Planning, and the Western Association of College and Universities Business Officers; and





WHEREAS,   Leroy M. Morishita has been both a respected and respectful Academic Senate colleague, whose regular presentations in the Academic Senate and other public forums have greatly enhanced broad campus understanding of our fiscal realities and whose demonstrated commitment to shared governance and collegial relations with faculty and staff are nothing short of outstanding; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita is a distinguished alumnus of San Francisco State University and two other lesser institutions; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita will be leaving San Francisco State University to assume the helm of California State University, East Bay as Interim President on July 1, 2011; and





WHEREAS, Leroy M. Morishita will be sorely missed by his colleagues and friends at San Francisco State University; be it therefore





RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate expresses its deep and heartfelt gratitude to Leroy M. Morishita for his extraordinary service to San Francisco State University; and be it further





RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate wish Leroy M. Morishita all the best as he accepts new challenges and opportunities at our CSU sister campus; and be it finally


RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate extend to Leroy M. Morishita an open invitation to return and visit us when his commitments allow.


 ***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on May 10, 2011***