In Support of SF State's Veterans Services

Resolution Number: RS11-289
January, 2011






(#RS11 - 289)




WHEREAS,   The California State University system is committed to helping active duty members of the military, veterans of military service, and their families attain their educational goals; and





WHEREAS,    SF State reaffirmed its long standing support to a new generation of veterans and their families by enhancing  the Veterans Services program in March 2006; and





WHEREAS,    SF State’s veterans community has grown by approximately 30% from 632 to 824 identified members within the last three years; and





WHEREAS,    SF State’s veterans and their families require critical support services such as mentoring through admissions and advising, career guidance, campus practices, funding for textbooks and housing, and mental health services that support active service members; and





WHEREAS,    SF State students have organized “Our Veterans Club” to provide veteran students and their families social support; and





WHEREAS,    SF State’s support and services have been recently housed centrally within the Student Services Building; and





WHEREAS,    The Academic Senate of the California State University has affirmed the CSU systems’ commitment to Veterans in Resolution AS-2982-10/AA; AS-2974-10/AA; and AS-2844-08/AA; therefore be it





RESOLVED,  that the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University applauds and affirms the campus’ continued and earnest commitment to supporting the successful transition of our service members and their families to our campus; and be it further





RESOLVED,  that the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University encourages all administrators, faculty, staff, and students to become familiar with the specific needs of veteran students and available campus resources.





***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on May 10, 2011***