Resolution Adopting Principles for a Multicultural University

Resolution Number: RS92-101
January, 1992




At its meeting of March 31, 1992, the Academic Senate unanimously approved the following resolution.


The Academic Senate of San Francisco State University, in RF90-80, commended the University Commission on Human Relations (UCHR) for its meticulous, detailed, and instructive report Focusing On Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination; and


The Academic Senate of San Francisco State University, in RF90-80, directed its Executive Committee to review the recommendations contained in the UCHR's final report and refer them as appropriate to committees for consideration and recommendation to the full Senate; and


Recommendation ten of the UCHR final report called for the University to adopt a statement of principles for a multicultural university; therefore be it


That the Academic Senate of San Francisco State University endorses and adopts the attached Principles for a Multicultural University; and be it further


That the Academic Senate urges the SFSU Administration, Associated Students, and Staff Council to review and adopt the attached principles.


The following principles were adopted by the Academic Senate at its meeting of March 31, 1992:

As a major institution of higher education -- public, urban, diverse -- San Francisco State University has both an exceptional opportunity and a special responsibility to set forth, and to live by, principles which reflect fundamental respect for our fellow beings.

*The University is committed to providing an environment in which all members, regardless of background, have equal access to opportunities to develop their full potential.

*The University is committed to the goal of a multicultural community that prepares and inspires its members for successful participation and effective leadership in a pluralistic society.

*The University welcomes diversity as an opportunity for teaching, developing, and promoting multicultural competencies and understandings. Racial, ethnic, gender, sexual identity, disability, religious, and other individual or group differences are not to be regarded as hindrances to success, but as positive opportunities for the enrichment of our educational resources and the quality of our campus life.

*Behaviors which are intolerant, insensitive, or discriminatory are unacceptable. As such, they are to be addressed openly, promptly, and constructively by the University, its administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

*Members of the San Francisco State University community should prepare for the future of this city, this state, and this nation in which no individual or group is viewed as "second class." Rather, we strive for a society in which each member has a genuine opportunity to achieve success and fulfillment.

*These are attitudes and behaviors which we should practice in our communities and in our lives.