Educational Policies Council (E.P.C.)

WHO is in E.P.C.?

The Educational Policy Council is made up of the collective membership of the Academic Policies Committee and the Curriculum Review & Approval Committee, with the Chair of A.P.C. serving as Chair of E.P.C.

WHAT does E.P.C. do?

The Educational Policy Council meets to discuss issues that relate to both academic policy and curriculum review and approval.  Want to learn more?

Take a look at the Senate Bylaws, Section III.D, Educational Policies Council


WHEN does E.P.C. meet?

The Educational Policy Council meets as needed.  Please contact the Senate Office at for more information.


HOW can I get involved in E.P.C.?

As a SFSU community member, your contribution to the shared governance of our University is always appreciated.  If you are interested in serving on the Educational Policy Council, please contact the Senate Office at