May 10th, 2022



Tuesday, May 10, 2022 (via Zoom)

2:00 – 4:30 p.m


Abeywickrama, Priya, LCA

Harris-Boundy, Jason, LFCOB

Rubin, Jasper, HSS

Alaoui, Fatima, LCA

Harvey, Rick, HSS

Scott, Michael, ORSP

Albiniak, Teddy, LCA

Hellman, David, LIB

Segovia-McGahan, Gabriela, CoES

Allen, Jace, LCA (Staff)

Hennesy, Logan, LCA

Shapiro, Jerry, HSS

Ara, Mitra, LCA

Hines, Ellen, CoSE

Sinha, Didendra, COSE

Ballard, Violet, GCOE

Holschuh, Carrie, HSS

Smith, Ryan, LFCOB

Banks, Dwayne, AR

Howell, Ryan, CoSE

Stein, Marc, LFCOB

Beatty, Brian, GCOE

Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi, LCA

Stowers, Genie, HSS

Borjian, Homayoun Ali, GCOE

Kingston, Christopher, LFCOB (Staff)

Summit, Jennifer, Provost

Clemens, Christopher, LCA

Kleinrichert, Denise, LFCOB

Sveinsdottier, Asta, LCA

Collins, Robert Keith, ASCSU

Le, Mai-Nhung , COES

Tu, Jenny, UE (staff)

Contreras, Raul, COSE (Staff)

Lee, Yeon-Shim, HSS

Takagi, Emiko, HSS

Critchlow, Edwin, A& F Staff

Linton, Anne, LCA

Trousdale, Alaric, SAEM

D'Alois, Roberta, LFCOB

Lynch, Katie, SAEM

Way, Lori Beth, DUEAP

Daus-Magbual, Arlene, SAEM

Mahoney, Lynn, President

Wilson, Jackson, HSS

Dollinger, Mark, LCA

Musselman, Elaine, HSS

Wong, Yutian, LCA

Drennan, Marie, LCA

Narkewicz, Victoria, GCOE (Staff)

Woo, Jeannie, COES

Gerber, Nancy, ASCSU

Olsher, David, LCA

Yee-Melichar, Darlene, ASCSU

Goldman, Michael, CoSE

Platas, Linda M, HSS

Zhou, Yi, LFCOB

Guidara, Andrea, LIB (Staff)

Ramirez, Gilberto, A& F Staff




Bloom, Gilda, GCOE

Philot, Dae, ASI

Valencia, Jennifer, ASI

Diamond, Morty, HSS

Piryatinska, Alexandra, COSE

Villanueva, Karen , CEL (Staff)

Hwu, Alex, CEL

Seelye, Melissa, LiB

Ward, Samantha, HHS (Staff)

Jiang, Hao, COSE

Steward, Paul, GCOE


Nielsen, Karina, CoSE

Stillman, Jonathon, COSE


Ochoa, Joshua, ASI

Thomas, Tom, LFCOB




Banerjee, Sanjoy, IR

Dewitt, Jane, DUEAP

Rosen, Sandra, GCOE

Bartholomew, Claude, DUEAP

Garcia, Jesus, A&F

Scheffers, Wendy, Emeritus

Beers, Maggie, FA

Mandolfo, Carleen, FA

Sivadas, Eugene, LFCOB

Bui, Yvonne, LCA

Monshipouri, Mahmood, LCA

Ward, Jay, IOP

Carmona, Rose, METRO

Montoya, Michelle, DUEAP

Williams, Ingrid, HR

Chelberg, Eugene, SAEM

Mooney, Dylan, HSS

Wilson, Jeff, A & F

Chu, Hsia-Yun, LCA

Moore, Jamillah, SAEM

Wong, Yim-Yu, LFCOB

Clavier, Sophie, Grad Studies

Noda, Sande, COES


del Mundo, Genievive, DUEAP

Roehrman, Todd, FA



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:05 p.m.

CALL 2021-22 SENATE TO ORDER: 2:05 p.m.

  1. Approval of the Agenda for May 10, 2022

Approved as submitted.

  1. Approval of the Minutes for May 3, 2022

Approved as submitted.


  1. Announcements from the Floor
  • Sen. Lynch: Received approval to use HEERF money to clear past-due balances and welcome back seniors for the Fall ’22 semester.
  1. Reports

    1. Chair Report

Quoting transcript:

“First, the Senate can feel like an odd place with its arcane speaking rules, its multiple complex committee structures and its unique special rituals. Its procedures now take on a new mystical life in a world of Zoom-boxes, raised hands, hot mics and hot links, dead links and expired Qualtrics polls.  The Senate itself can sometimes feel slow to respond, ineffectual tackling the real issues or capitulating to the rubber stamp of prevailing wind.  And it's easy to get swallowed up by all of these expressions.  One of the reasons, though, that this is my favorite day on the Senate is that we are the farthest away from any of those frames that I just offered. We have an opportunity to reflect on where we've been, and where we're going, and examining our itinerary thus far, the journey has been great. 

We passed principal resolutions to strengthen advising, to extend COVID-related relief to tenure and lecturer faculty, and students.  Revised approaches to evaluations and learning-mode codes, condemned top level administrator misconduct, offered resolutions to redress sexual misconduct and harassment, cancel student loan debt, and to support women's reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.  We passed revisions to the academic calendar policy, the online education policy, baccalaureate requirements and community service learning policies, and we've created new policies on centers and institute's, academic integrity, sabbatical and differences and pay, credit hours, and graduate curriculum to name a few.  We passed close to 25 curriculum changes, including new minors, elevations, name changes, and discontinuances.  We've made critical updates to reflect our new virtual worlds, including the arrival of the 21st century archive in the form of PolicyStat, and encouraging programs to reimagine their digital curriculum in the form of the online program template. 

The Senate has been a hub of activity, inviting over 30 presentations from members of the campus community and passing multiple resolutions of thanks for exceptional leadership, commendation for those who've moved away from the University, and in memoriam for those who will always leave us too soon.  So, as we take today to celebrate each other and these achievements. We also have a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on a central value of the Senate that goes beyond just this activity.  For me it's Tuesdays at 2pm where we agree to invite, to assemble, to debate, and to move.  When reflecting on these last two years, this rhythm has been incredibly and inexplicably necessary offering structure and community in an anxious and changing world.  It's Tuesdays at two is the moment that we are active, embodied, and live with each other.  And make no mistake, at San Francisco State we are unique.  There are no targets on each other's backs for offering a disagreement, there are no back-end deals to stack a committee deck.  We understand an empty seat to be a sign of a conference attendance, a doctor's appointment or, child care need more than apathy or carelessness.  Together we hold the idea that this experience, this university, this future is a shared one, and we are all invested in making it better.  It takes commitment and trust, and as we've learned it's very easy to break institutions. It's so much more challenging and also rewarding to build ones that work.  This process might seem endless, but I think it's so very worth it. So thank you infinitely for being co-stewards of this very special thing that we do at San Francisco State.  Thank you for being exceptional senators for holding vigilant space for each other, and for trusting me with this.  Stay committed to each other, stay courageous and critical in the best ways and continue to believe the consensus really holds the promise of something new and different. It has truly been an honor. So now join me in welcoming Senator Lynn Mahoney for her final Presidents’ report.” 


    1. President Report

Summarizing and paraphrasing transcript: I Admire how committed the Senate is to staying engaged and connected over the past 27 months during the pandemic. The model of shared governance that incorporates faculty and staff, as well as engagement by the union leadership to accomplish all that we have, including promoting vaccinations on this campus, set a model for how universities operate that is healthy in all areas.  We were high functioning under extraordinary circumstances.  Thank you for your service.  Looking forward to welcoming new Senators, ExCom leaders, a new Provost, and a new Associated Students President Karina Zamora.  It has been an extraordinary honor working with you, Chair Albiniak, holding a position that was navigated with grace and eloquence working with me and the Provost as well.


    1. Provost Report

Summarizing and paraphrasing transcript: Now that I am packing up my office, I have reflected on countless reasons to be thankful.  Today these words that I have spoken so often take on new meaning when I say, Thank You, Chair Albiniak.  I am also grateful to all past senate chairs I have worked with, Trevor Getz, Troi Carleton, Nancy Gerber, and Teddy Albiniak.  Throughout all of the challenges, such as campus closures from bomb threats and fires, to being shaken by the election of Donald Trump, or the upheaval caused by the Pandemic, we have always taken practical steps to drive positive change, such as transforming what was the Center for Teaching and Learning into the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  It is easy to forget that CEETL is only four years old.  The Academic Master Plan will take shape under the new Strategic Plan and reflect actionable priorities.  I am continually inspired by all of our committees to strengthen our programs.  I want to thank you and I want to tell you how I cannot wait to join you as a faculty member and the cheer the work of the next Senate as it undertakes it’s important work in the years ahead.


Information Item

  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Resolution Reviewing and Recommending Further SETE Activity**—information item.  **Not a business meeting.  Comes before us as an information item, and read into the record.


Chair Albiniak: I made a blunder, however we will turn that into an opportunity.

Information items are deemed non-controversial.  Currently, the recommendation is a ‘consent item.’  Technically, this is not a business meeting.  If someone objects for this item being added, then we convene a business meeting and items become debatable in first reading that can be brought up in the next academic year.  Today, the processes we undertake is to present the report with Ex-Com writing a response letter, versus a resolution that could be debated and passed.


Consent Agenda

  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Commendation in Honor of Dr. Jennifer Summit, SF State Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs—consent item. 


  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Commendation in Honor of Dr. Maggie Beers, Assistant Vice President for Teaching and Learning—consent item.


  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Resolution Thanking and Commending Dr. Wei Ming Dariotis for service as Faculty Director of the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL)—consent item.  


  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Commendation in Honor of SF State Academic Senator Dr. Genie Stowers—consent item.


  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Commendation in Honor of Academic Senate Chair Dr. Teddy Albiniak—consent item.


  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee (Ex Comm): Resolution Commending and Thanking the Outgoing Members of the 2021-22 Academic Senate—consent item.  Teddy


Thank you’s and ovations to all for their outstanding service.



  1.  Presentation from the Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards Committee,  “Presentation of 2022 Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards,” (time approximate 2:15)


All nominations were worthy, and difficult to select.  50% more nominations this year.  A $4,000 stipend accompanies honorees for excellence in teaching, professional achievement, and service awards.  Additionally, honorees receive a commemorative plaque and have their photo displayed with past awardees.  The honorees are:


Mahmood Monshipouri, Department of International Relations, Excellence in Professional Achievement (tenured faculty).


Rose Carmona-Arbulu, Metro College Success Program, CoES, Excellence in Service (Staff).


Sandra Rosen, Department of Special Education, GCOE, Excellence in Service (tenured Faculty).


Genievive del Mundo Mendieta, Metro College Success Program, CoES, Excellence in Teaching (Lecturer Faculty).


Hsiao-Yun Chu, School of Design, LCA, Excellence in Teaching (Tenured Faculty)


It is wonderful to hear of your accomplishments and thank you for your address to the Senate.


  1. Adjournment of 2021-22 Senate: 2:45pm (time approximate)


CALL TO 2022-23 SENATE TO ORDER: 2:45pm (time approximate)

  1. Approval of the Agenda for May 10, 2022

Move to add Election of Secretary as item 7.

Passes 49/0/4 Y/N/A


  1. Welcome and Short Senate orientation from the 2021-22 Chair


  1. Welcome from the Provost-Select

Looking forward continuing the legacy of shared governance, and advancing the values and commitment to social justice and equity.  Welcome to all the new senators.


  1. Review Election Procedures

Thanks to senator Gerber and Stowers for facilitating the election of Senate and standing committee leadership.


  1. Election of Chair of the Academic Senate

Mike Goldman, COSE, Congratulations!


  1. Election of Vice Chair of the Academic Senate

Brad Erikson, LCA, Congratulations!


  1. Election of Secretary of the Academic Senate

Ellen Hines, COSE, Congratulations!


  1. Election of At-Large Members of the Executive Committee


Mai-Nhung Le, CoES and Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, LCA, Congratulations!


  1. Election of Chairs of the Academic Senate Standing Committees (held in breakout rooms)


Academic Policies Committee: Brian Beatty, Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies, GCOE


Curriculum Review and Approval: Rick Harvey, Recreation, Parks and Tourism and Holistic Health, HSS


Faculty Affairs Committee: Jasper Rubin, PACE, HSS


Student Affairs: David Olsher, English, LCA


Strategic Issues, Alaric Trousdale, Office of International Programs, SAEM


  1. Review of 2022-23 Academic Senate Calendar


  1. Adjournment (no later than 4:30pm)


POST-PLENARY CELEBRATION: in-person on the President’s Patio (time approximate 3:30-5:00pm)


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