February 7th, 2017




Tuesday, February 7, 2017



2:00 – 5:00 p.m.



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for campus community members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.

CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.



Albiniak, Theodor

Alvarez, Alvin

Brown, Elizabeth

Carrillo, Sandra

Carleton, Troi

Castillo, Karla

Celoria, Davide

Drennan, Marie

Foley, Jacqueline

Furuse, Tae

Gen, Sheldon

Gerber, Nancy

Gomez, Steven

Hackenberg, Sara

Wilson, Jackon




Hasheminia, Hamed

Konopka, Ethel

Kwan, Kwong-Liem

Lewis, Julia

Lisy-Wagner, Laura

Mays, Chris

Mitchell, Marilyn

Mooney, Dylan

Nizzardini, Richard

Pasion, Sally

Reyes, Belinda

Rosegard, Erik

Sabee, Christina

President Wong



Sanders, Alison

Schwartz, Kim

Scott, Michael

Shapiro, Jerry

Summit, Jennifer

Tanner, Kimberly

Teh, Kwok-Siong

Toporek, Rebecca

Van Dam, Mary-Ann

Way, Lori Beth

Williams, Aimee

Yee-Melichar, Darlene

Yu, Betty

Wong, Yutian

Absences: Collins, Robert (exc); Denetclaw, Wilfred (abs); Hammer, Mike (exc); Howard, Pamela (abs); Kakar, Venoo (exc); Roehrman, Todd (exc); Skonieczny, Amy (exc); Steier, Saul (abs)


Visitors: Mi-Sook Kim, Brian Beatty, Meagan Nance, Robin Bates, Kyra Heck, Robert Ramirez, Susanna Jobs.



  • Robin Bates:  Benefits and Retirement Services wants to reach out to faculty to give information about faculty benefits.  They especially want to reach out to adjunct faculty, many of whom are eligible for benefits packages, and are soliciting ideas about how to connect with adjunct faculty.  The office hosts a Tea with Benefits the first Tuesday of each month from 9-11 in LIB 121 which is open to staff and faculty.
  • Senator Yee-Melichar:  From April 3-7 the Gerontology department will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.  An anniversary dinner is planned on April 5.  There will be Careers in Aging Jobs Fair on for students on April 7.  An educational seminar on LGBTQ older adults will also be held on April 7.  Please contact Senator Yee- Melichar for further information.
  • Senator Williams:  Starting Feb. 27 on every Monday ASI is partnering with the SF-Marin Food Bank to provide a pop up food pantry in the Annex.  Students can sign up through  tinyurl.com/PopUpFoodPantry  to pick up fresh food.  The Cal Fresh program will continue to be sponsored- to determine eligibility for this program go to wellness.sfsu.edu/CalFresh.

AGENDA ITEM #1—Approval of the Minutes for December 6, 2016

  • Approved as corrected.


AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval of the Agenda for February 7, 2017

  • Approved with corrections of labeling item#6 as a consent item and Items #8 and #9 as in first reading.


AGENDA ITEM #3—Chair’s Report

  • Welcome all Senators back after the break. 
  • Dr. Anita Silver received the Wing Family Excellence Award this year.
  • SFSU has just established a resource center for undocumented students, tentatively called The Dream Center.  
  • Interim Provost Summitt has announced that the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) has received permanent funding.
  • Vice Chair Hackenberg is commended on the success of the January faculty retreat.
  • The faculty retreat formed the basis for action by the Senate facilitating constructive and respectful dialog on our campus.  The Senate and the TLC will sponsor a series of events and workshops aimed at facilitating constructive dialog.  Thanks to Senator Sabee and Senator Albiniak for their work in organizing this effort.


AGENDA ITEM #4—Report from Interim Provost Summit [time certain: 2:25]

  • Interim Provost Summit gave a presentation on a proposed reorganization of Faculty Affairs.
  • Discussion from Senators.



AGENDA ITEM #5— Report from President Wong [time certain: 2:45]

  • President Wong gave a presentation.  Topics included maximizing effectiveness of units within the SFSU, improving and modernizing the technical infrastructure of the campus, athletics, an update on construction projects, a possible partnership with the Public Utilities commission, challenges from Sacramento regarding budget and the May revise, a commendation for SFSU ASI students who presented at the Board of trustees meeting and a commendation for the SFSU Vice Presidents on how they are addressing enrollment at SFSU.
  • Discussion from the Senate.


AGENDA ITEM #6—Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution Commending Vice President Cortez for his Service to SF State- Consent Item

  • Senator. Mooney moved the item and read the commendation for Vice President Cortez. 



  • Senator. Yee- Melichar gave a report from the Academic Senate CSU meetings.  The report is posted on the Senate website.


AGENDA ITEM #8—Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution in Support of Freedom of Speech- First Reading

  • Secretary Lewis moved the item and spoke to the item for Senator Collins who authored the resolution but was unable to be present.
  • Senator Mayes:  “Tolerance” is not the highest standard.  Suggests substituting harmony or acceptance.
  • Senator. Mooney moved to second reading.  Approved.
  • The resolution was approved with no dissent.


AGENDA ITEM #9—Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution in Support of Promoting Open Dialogue and Strengthening Community- First Reading

  • Senator. Sabee moved item and spoke to the item.
  • Senator. Mooney moved to second reading.  Approved.
  • The resolution was approved with no dissent.


AGENDA ITEM #10—Standing Committee Reports

Academic Policies Committee

  • Senator. Gerber:  Work on Standard Time Block, Probation

Curriculum Review and Approval Committee

  • Senator. Rosegard:  Work on Discontinuance and developing an internship policy.

Faculty Affairs Committee

  • Senator. Sabee:  Work on resolutions in support of graduate wage and the TLC.

Strategic Issues Committee

  • Senator. Mooney:  Finishing an outline for budget report.

Student Affairs Committee

  • Senator. Schwartz:  Requirements and expectations of student members has been completed.  Having meetings on how to assist with the Dream Resource Center.  Will set priorities for additional work:  minimum wage, experiential learning, inclusion program, use of preferred pronouns, Project Rebound.


AGENDA ITEM #11— Adjournment—no later than 5:00pm

  • Adjourned at 4:10 pm.




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