March 15, 2022




Tuesday, March 15, 2022


2:00 – 5:00 p.m.




Abeywickrama, Priya, LCA

Hennesy, Logan, LCA

Segovia-McGahan, Gabriela, COES (Staff)

Alaoui, Fatima, LCA

Hines, Ellen, CoSE

Shapiro, Jerry, HSS

Albiniak, Teddy, LCA

Holschuh, Carrie, HSS

Sinha, Didendra, COSE

Allen, Jace, LCA (Staff)

Howell, Ryan, CoSE

Smith, Ryan, LFCOB

Ara, Mitra, LCA

Jiang, Hao, COSE

Stein, Marc, LFCOB

Ballard, Violet, GCOE

Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi, LCA

Stillman, Jonathon, COSE

Beatty, Brian, GCOE

Kingston, Christopher, LFCOB (Staff)

Stowers, Genie, HSS

Borjian, Homayoun Ali, GCOE

Kleinrichert, Denise, LFCOB

Summit, Jennifer, Provost

Clemens, Christopher, LCA

Le, Mai-Nhung , COES

Sveinsdottier, Asta, LCA

Collins, Robert Keith, ASCSU

Lee, Yeon-Shim, HSS

Takagi, Emiko, HSS

Contreras, Raul, COSE (Staff)

Lynch, Katie, SAEM

Thomas, Tom, LFCOB

D'Alois, Roberta, LFCOB

Mahoney, Lynn, President

Trousdale, Alaric, SAEM

Daus-Magbual, Arlene, SAEM

Musselman, Elaine, HSS

Villanueva, Karen , CEL (Staff)

Dollinger, Mark, LCA

Narkewicz, Victoria, GCOE (Staff)

Ward, Samantha, HHS (Staff)

Drennan, Marie, LCA

Nielsen, Karina, CoSE

Way, Lori Beth, DUEAP

Gerber, Nancy, ASCSU

Piryatinska, Alexandra, COSE

Wilson, Jackson, HSS

Goldman, Michael, CoSE

Platas, Linda M, HSS

Woo, Jeannie, COES

Guidara, Andrea, LIB (Staff)

Rubin, Jasper, HSS

Yee-Melichar, Darlene, ASCSU

Harvey, Rick, HSS

Scott, Michael, ORSP


Hellman, David, LIB

Seelye, Melissa, LiB







Banks, Dwayne, AR

Linton, Anne, LCA

Tu, Jenny, UE (staff)

Bloom, Gilda, GCOE

Ochoa, Joshua, ASI

Valencia, Jennifer, ASI

Critchlow, Edwin , A& F Staff

Olsher, David, LCA

Wong, Yutian, LCA

Diamond, Morty, HSS

Philot, Dae, ASI

Zhou, Yi, LFCOB (on leave)

Harris-Boundy, Jason, LFCOB

Ramirez, Gilberto, A& F Staff


Hwu, Alex, CEL

Steward, Paul, GCOE





Adulladi, Rabad, AMED

Garcia, Jesus, A&F

Ray, Kasturi, LCA

Bartholomew, Claude, DUEAP

Hamel, Kate, HSS

Sommers, Miya, AMED

Chelberg, Eugene, SAEM

Kim, Catherine, HR

Violante, Leisl, A&F

Clavier, Sophie, Graduate Studies

Kinukawa, Tomomi, AMED

Ward, Jay, IOP

Curtis, Deborah, GCOE

Landy, Margo, EM

Williams, Ingrid, HR

Dewitt, Jane, DUEAP

Mamo, Laura, HSS

Wong, Yim-Yu, LFCOB

Fischer, Dawn-Elissa, LCA

Mandolfo, Carleen, FA

Yoshi, Michael, AMED

Flowers, Doris, GCOE

Montoya, Michelle, DUEAP

Zeltzer, Steve, AMED

Ganner, Nancy, HR

Moore, Jamillah, SAEM



GUEST PRESENTERS: Drs. Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Laura Mamo, Kate Hamel and, Jackson Wilson


OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:05 p.m.[JDW1] 


CALL TO ORDER: 2:05 p.m.

1.    Approval of the Agenda for March 15, 2022

            Change date from March 1 to March 15.  



2.    Approval of the Minutes for March 1, 2022

            Approved as submitted.


3.    Announcements from the Floor

·      Sen. Yee-Melichar: Nominations are still open to acknowledge faculty, students    and staff.  Nominations are due Monday March 28 at 9am.

The Distinguished Staff Awards Page

The Distinguished Faculty Awards


·      Sen. Lynch: sign up for outreach opportunities to bolster enrollment.  April 9th is ‘Admitted Student Day.’  We are excited to show everything we have to offer.  Also, sign up to call students to encourage attending April 9, or to choose SFSU.  May 1 is the final date for decisions. 

To sign up and help with phone calls, the link is:

To sign up and help out on April 9 Admitted Students Day, the link is:

o   Sen. Howell: Learned of the loss of the upper division students. That’s totally new. Will be working on trying to understand it.

4.    Reports

4.1. Chair Report

·       The nomination period for Senate is now open.  You may self-nominate or other nominate. There is more information found in the Archive of the Friday report, as well as in the Campus Memo.  Emailing the Senate office is another option.  As a reminder for current senators, there are many seats opening up, including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and some Standing Committee Chairs. The power of shared governance occurs through leadership.

·       Please send in any feedback regarding the Provost search.  Any comments, even bullet points, will be considered. 

·       The University Budget Committee (UBC) will meet Thursday, March 17, 2022 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM via Zoom. Please RSVP at the UBC email or, by visiting

·       Hope you enjoy Spring break.


4.2. President Report

·       Echoed Chair Albiniak’s wishes for a restful Spring break to recharge.  During COVID, weeks are like dog years.

·       Conversation about search for new Chancellor, and the Title IX issue.  Deeply committed to an investigation to expose any wrongdoing.  Recently rebuilt Title IX office, as well as the Bias Incident Education Team (BEIT) office to investigate any issue that do not rise to a Title IX violation.  

·       Attendance at Provost open forums has been high.  Also open to receiving emails directly if you like.

·       Strategic Planning committees are developing Mission Vision and Goals statements that will request more feedback.  We are not making a detailed to do list (e.g. 18 section with a dozen elements each).  

·       Today was a exciting COVID day because San Francisco is down to a 4 per 100,000 case rate. Going to see how San Jose and East Bay are doing as well as how the City of San Francisco is doing, before making SFSU a mask optional campus.  Sit this out for another three weeks.  I would rather be last and remain cautious.  

·       Urge you to attend next UBC meeting.  Katie, Sutee and Lori Beth will be presenting about the discouraging enrollment numbers.  We are a 90% undergrad campus, and we need to retain thousands of students, not a few students here and there. 

·       SFSU student housing has been recommended on West campus green.  If $116 million is approved, then a new dorm with over 700 beds may start construction.

o   Sen Stowers: Enquired about the BOT investigation and whether would focus not only of wrongdoing, but also of lack of doing enough to stop and further prevent wrongdoing.  Endorsed a ‘wait-and-see’ plan regarding the campus COVID/ mask policy.

o   Sen. D’Alois: Added comments about the mask policy stating that the data changes.  The highest death rates occur in people over 60.  The masking is not going well as many students pull down masks in class or, do not wear masks at all.  Please remind students to avoid exposing instructors by repeatedly pulling down the mask or taking off the mask after the faculty asks everyone to wear a mask.

o   Sen. Way: Added comments about the mask policy stating that some people have kiddos under 5 years old who cannot be vaccinated.


4.3. Provost Report

·      Thanks to chairs and faculty for proposing a Fall schedule that is close to 75% in-person which will help us rebuild a vibrant campus community.  

·      We will be scaling back course offerings because of lower enrollments.

·      Enrollments affect fiscal stability as well as ability to hire new faculty.  Take advantage of boosting our campus yield for students selecting SF State by participating in the April 9 Admitted Students Day as well as making phone calls. 


4.4. Standing Committees

4.4.1.   Student Affairs Committee

·      Sen. Stillman for Sen. Ramirez:  No items before plenary. Working on resolution to urge the Federal Govt to cancel student loan debt.

4.4.2.   Academic Policies Committee

·      Sen. Stowers: No items on agenda.  Next meeting with EPC to discuss BRC policy.  APC will discuss Grad policy; CWEP policy; as well as ICCE and CEETL changes to charge. Syllabus policy may or may not come about this year.  Online education policy has been tabled for more work around the central question of who has the authority to decide teaching modality with a focus on the determination of how students can best learn.  APC believes faculty have authority, and Deans believe they have authority in determining modality.

o   Sen. Asta: APC decision making process is about pedagogy and learning outcomes.  The decisions are best made at the department level and in consultation with the administration.  Possibly separate the ‘what’ policy regarding defining ‘what’ online education is from the ‘who’ policy related to defining ‘who’ has the authority to make decisions?

o   Chair Albiniak: Reminder that tabled items come back in the form they were in before tabling.


4.4.3.   Curriculum Review and Approval Committee

·      Sen. Drennan: Bilingual Spanish Journalism; Stick around after plenary for discussion about draft sexual harassment resolution.


4.4.4.   Faculty Affairs Committee

·      Sen. Rubin: Sabbatical policy separate from difference in pay policy


4.4.5.   Strategic Issues Committee

·      Sen. Goldman: Two current topics before SIC include Title IX issues versus those that do not rise to Title IX such a bullying; and, a second topic about disapproval of Chancellor settlement.  Other topics are: Tenure Density concerns; Budgetary topics; Campus safety; and voting on ‘appointments’ to a administrative search committee.



5.    Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Minor in Bilingual Spanish Journalism—second reading

·      Motion carries, 48/0/4 Yea/Nay/Abstain.



6.    Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Degree Title Change: Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development: Concentration in Community, Health and Social Services—first reading.

·      Sen. Platas: Name change better reflects concentration topics.  

7.    Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Degree Title Change: Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development: Concentration in Early Care and Education—first reading. 

·      Sen. Platas: advocacy for item.

8.    Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Degree Title Change: Bachelor of Ats in Child and Adolescent Development: Concentration in Elementary Education Teaching Pre-Credential—first reading. 

·      Sen. Platas: advocacy for item.

9.    Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Elevation: Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Leadership—first reading.

·      Guest Curtis: Elevating gives an inclusive title and comes into EO1071 compliance.  

10. Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC): Proposed Elevation: Master of Arts in Equity and Social Justice in Education—first reading.  

·      Guest Curtis: Elevating gives an inclusive title and comes into EO1071 compliance.  Distance education with greater than 50% online courses. 

·      Guest Flowers: Commented about the very successful program for past 22 years.



University Retreat 2022 Follow-Up    Called back at 4:01pm following recess at 3pm.

11. Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Associate Professor of Anthropology, “National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity” (time approximate: 4:00-4:15) 

·       Guest Fischer: presented on the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) that also includes grad students (e.g. pair faculty and grad students using a buddy match).

o   Sen. Villanueva: Where do we sign up? 

·       Guest Fischer:

o   Chair Albiniak: Do you host other events or simply share resources from the drop down menu?  

·       Guest Fischer: There are NCFDD weekly events, and there may be some SFSU events.  Currently there are 44 faculty on SF State campus who are in the 14-day writing challenge.  The next one is June 20-July 1:

12. Dr. Laura Mamo, Professor of Health Education, “SF State Transforms” (time approximate: 4:15-4:30 pm)

·       Guest Mamo: presented on the SF State Transforms faculty hub that is part of an NSF Advance grant.   SF State Transforms is a new three-year initiative that comes on heals of IP Catalyst program (lead by former Provost Rosser and current Dean Domingo) which focused on women of color in STEM fields, supporting both service and scholarship and acknowledging ‘implicit biases’ on campus.  The SF State Transforms scholarship hub used a cohort model that requires a commitment to joining monthly in community.  There is a course release for co-faculty leaders, and $500 stipend similar to CEETEL squares.  Next round of applications will be out in May, with applications due in August, 2022.

13. Dr. Kate Hamel, Professor of Kinesiology, “Summary of Student-Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity” (time approximate: 4:30-4:35)

·    Guest Hamel: presented on best practice involved with RSCA that involves students. See presentation information at:

14. Dr. Jackson Wilson, Professor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism, “Summary of Service Statements” (time approximate: 4:35-4:40)

·       Vice-Chair Wilson: presented on student success strategies that include how service impacts success.

15. Adjournment no later than 5:00pm 


POST-PLENARY FLOOR PERIOD: until 5:00pm (if time allows)

The Post-Plenary Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for senators and guests to meet, exchange information, or follow up on items or questions emerging from the meeting. 

Informal discussion about a proposed resolution on Sexual Harassment.



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