Minutes 9/8


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for faculty members to raise questions

or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive

promptly at 2:00 p.m.



Alamilla Boyd, Nan; Azadpur, Mohammad; Bloom, Gilda; Brown, Elizabeth; Carleton, Troi; Castillo, Karla; Collins, Robert; Davila, Brigitte; De Barros, Jose Acacio; Denetclaw, Wilfred; Drennan, Marie; Ergul, Mehmet; Furuse, Tae; Gen, Sheldon; Gerber, Nancy; Hackenberg, Sara; Hammer, Mike; Hanley, Lawrence; Hill, Lorna; Hoxter, Julian; Le, Mai Nhung; Lewis, Julia; Lisy-Wagner, Laura; Mays, Chris; Mitchell, Marilyn; Mooney, Dylan; Nizzardini, Richard; Pasion, Sally; Reyes, Belinda ; Ritter, Michael; Robertson, Bruce; Rosegard, Erik; Rosser, Sue; Sabee, Christina; Schwartz, Kim; Shapiro, Jerry; Teh, Kwok-Siong; Van Dam, Mary Ann; Weinberger, Christopher; Zink, Attila


Absences: Alvarez, Alvin (abs); Bartscher, Patricia (exc); Carrillo, Sandra (abs); Cortez, Ron (abs);

Davis, Patricia (abs); Doan, Therese (abs); Dye, Phoebe (abs); Hasheminia, Hamed (abs); Howard,

Pamela (abs); Lebuhn, Gretchen (abs); Merchant, Zahira (abs); Pafford, Isabelle (abs); Pope,

Robert (abs); Steier, Saul (abs); Summit, Jennifer (abs); Trogu, Pino (abs); Turner, Sharlana (abs);

Usowicz, Thad (abs); Watanabe, Maika (abs); Wong, Les (abs); Yee-Melichar, Darlene (exc);


Visitors: Brian Beatty, Jared Giarrusso, Jason Porth, Shaily Menon, Shawn Whalen


Agenda Item





CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.






  • None




Item #0 – Approval of Minutes from [date]

  •  The [date] minutes were approved
  • Concluded [time]








Item #1 – Approval of the Agenda for 9-8-15


  • The agenda was approved
  • Concluded 2:13]
  • Amendments to Agenda to remove #5 to APC




Hackenberg moved, Davila seconded




Chair’s Report


  • Welcome everyone to 1st Plenary Session
  • intro

Shared governance is collegiality in state university system. There are 2 main elements:

Process & State of Mind (or attitude).

Faculty have shared commitment to trust and respect one another. unfortunately prevailing attitude is skepticism and cynicism. Faculty did not feel respected 10 years ago – what would a new survey indicate now? I am going with optimism and hope.

  • Concluded 2:18pm




AGENDA ITEM #3 – Sara Hackenberg: Rules and Operations of the Senate



  •  Went over handouts regarding academic Senate Process, including organization of ExComm and Senate. EXCOMM meets every week, The vice-chair maintains the speakers list. Senators wave name placard to get on list, Senators can speak twice on any motion, Any Senator can make a motion. Please use the microphones. The Senate floor is where resolutions and policies are debated; The President of the University can:  1.) Approve Academic Senate Policies without changes, 2.) Approve with changes or, 3.) Not approve at all.
  • Concluded 2:24pm




AGENDA ITEM #4 – Announcement from Jay Ward: International Education Week: (2:25 Time Certain)




  • International Education Week September 16 through 20, 2015
  • In year 2000, no real International Week, and that was beginning of  tradition.
  • 100 countries celebrate an International Week and now we have ne of the largest.
  • There are flyers and info on senate website
  • Concluded 2:28




AGENDA ITEM # 5 – Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Proposed 2016 Summer Calendar (first reading)


  • Mike H (APC) provided relevant info on summer Calendar
  • Moved to second Reading
  • Approval of Summer Calendar 2016 unananimous
  • Concluded 2;30

Mike Hammer moved Larry Henley seconded moved to second reading

Approval of Summer Calendar



AGENDA ITEM # 6 – Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution on the Revision of the 2015-2016 Academic Calendar (first reading)



Mike H.: matter brought to Excomm in summer, please review supporting material

Revision of Spring 2016 calendar, ATT & Park not available for commencement

Classes for spring semester would start onJanuary 27; classes would not end on Friday May 13 but on May 15. This is a one time adjustment to calendar

Discussion: semester already ends late, even later with proposed change. It will have an impact on grading as we are going from 12 grading days to 8 grading days. Serious pedagogical changes

-issues with Cox and ATT; uncertainty; no adjustment for final schedule; change of date affects minority of students

-proposal to keep schedule the same and have graduation on 27th

-issue is not about ATT park – the real issue is whether attendance at commencement is affected.

-Excomm had many of the same reservations, but overcome, clear it is unsafe at Cox ;

- what are students going to do in campus housing

-Cox is unsafe and it is difficult to find, we must think of students and recognize this is not an option.

-a side  benefit students not inconvenienced by Saturday exam and Cox not an alternative because of significant accessibility problems,

the very largest commencement at Cox was 22k and ATT easily held 35K with option for more; only real alternative to ATT is separate commencements – that may not be financially feasible;

-why do we have to rush?

-there is urgency as students and colleges need to plan


E. Rosgaard moves to second reading, M.Hammer  seconds;

Changes to Academic Calender Motion passes 8 to 21



AGENDA ITEM #7 – Nominations for Committees 


We can take nominations from Senators and others.

Board of Appeals and Review nominations; Karen Johnson Carrol; Lorna Hill for Fall only

We are looking for one more nomination for this committee

Baccalaureate Committee: Nancy Gerber


  • Enrollment Management: need to nominate (1 position, 2015-2016 (department chair); 1 position 2014-2017; 1 position, 2015-2018)  Meets on Thursdays, twice a semester; let Senate  Office  know of nominations.



Acclamation to certify  Karen Johnston Carrol and Lorna Hill  (Fall only) as representatives to the Board of Appeals and Reviews


Acclamation Nancy Gerber for 2015-16 Baccalaureate Committee



ASCSU Report


Statewide academic senate – wants to propose

a resolution on Ethnic Studies Task Force Report

We need robust feedback on report

Central to this report are the insufficient resources and operation issues.these programs experience.




AGENDA ITEM #9 – Standing committee report


APC: priorities for the semester: academic probation, Ethnic Studies report; perpetual calendar; paired courses, general education, open access and predatory journals

CRAC: agenda dictated by curriculum proposals, we will be looking at options, concentrations, etc.

FAC: Drennan for Pino: lecturer evaluations, where senate policy is not in compliance with CBA, eWPAF; RTP policy; areas of assessment- especially definitions i.e. what is service;

Faculty use of unpaid leave, Electronic signatures, Travel grants online, teaching effectiveness

SAC: Policy on bullying, support parity re DPRC students and dean list; student success fees what we can do to improve advising; operationalizing goal of equity

SIC: Strategic issues committee: who are we why and how; look at strategic plan to align charge; annual survey re satisfaction.







Meeting adjourned

Rob Collins moved, Larry Henley seconded



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