MINUTES Tuesday, February 9, 2016



2:00 – 5:00 p.m.



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for campus community members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.

CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.




Alvarez, Alvin

Azadpur, Mohammad

Bloom, Gilda

Brown, Elizabeth

Carleton, Troi

Carrillo, Sandra

Castillo, Karla

Collins, Robert

Cortez, Ron

De Barros, Jose Acacio

Drennan, Marie

Ergul, Mehmet

Fraser, Paulina

Furuse, Tae

Gen, Sheldon

Gerber, Nancy




Hackenberg, Sara

Hammer, Mike

Hanley, Lawrence

Hill, Lorna

Hollis, Tanya

Howard, Pamela

Kakar, Venoo

Kwan, Kwong-Liem

Le, Mai Nhung

Lewis, Julia

Lisy-Wagner, Laura

Mitchell, Marilyn

Mooney, Dylan

Nizardini, Richard

Pasion, Sally



Reyes, Belinda

Ritter, Michael

Robertson, Bruce

Rosegard, Erik

Rosser, Sue

Sabee, Christina

Schwartz, Kim

Shapiro, Jerry

Steier, Saul

Teh, Kwok-Siong

Toporek, Rebecca

Trogu, Pino

Van Dam, Mary Ann

Yee-Melichar, Darlene

Yu, Betty

Zink, Attila


Absences: Davila, Brigitte (abs); Denetclaw, Wilfred (exc); Hasheminia, Hamed (abs); Hoxter, Julian (abs); Lebuhn, Gretchen (abs); Mays, Chris (abs); Summit, Jennifer (exc); Weinberger, Christopher (abs); Wong, Les (abs);


Visitors: Marcel Hernandez, Matt Silverman, Sacha Bunge, Shirley Menon, Jee Quang, Darlene Franklin, Amber Johnson, Ann Hallum, Allison Sanders



  • Senator Yee-Melichar:  19th Annual CSU Teaching and Learning Symposium on “Promoting Student Success through Innovation, Creativity, Diversity & Teamwork” at SJSU on April 15-16, 2016. System wide conference on High Impact Practices on April 28-29, 2016 at CSU Fullerton.
  • Senator Reyes:  Will be instituting Brown Bags monthly starting Feb. 24 on Student Success.  Faculty Commons in Library.

AGENDA ITEM #1—Approval of the Minutes for December 8, 2016

  • Approved as submitted.


AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval of the Agenda for February 9, 2016

  • Approved as submitted.


AGENDA ITEM #3—Chair’s Report

  • Welcome to new senators:  Senator Yu from College of Education, Senator Toporek from HSS and Senator Kwan from HSS.
  • Thanks to Vice Chair Hackenberg and others for January Faculty Retreat.
  • Reminder that Distinguished Faculty nominations have been distributed.
  • New UClub moving forward.  Have had architectural meeting.  Moving forward with plans.
  • Passing of Ann Auleb, Lecturer Emeritus.


AGENDA ITEM #4—Report from VP of University Advancement Robert Nava [time certain: 2:20]

  • Report given. Posted on Academic Senate Website.


AGENDA ITEM #5—Report from ASCSU  [time certain: 2:50]

  • Senator Ritter:  1. AS3238.  Role of CSU faculty in course transfer. Passed. 2. Need for analysis of student data for graduation success. In first reading. 3. Selection of faculty to serve on campus honorary degree committees. In first reading. 4. Support for 4 years of mathematics for college admission. In first reading.
  • Senator Collins:  1. AS3239. Inclusion of non- tenure track instructional faculty in faculty orientation programs. Passed.  2. AS3247. Restoring of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Funds.  Passed. 3. AS3246.  Promoting inclusion within the CSU community. In first reading.
  • Senator Yee-Melichar:  1. AS3242.  Acceptance of ICAS Statement on Preparation in Natural Science Expected of Entering Freshmen.  Passed unanimously.  2. AS3237.  CSU Acknowledgement of California Taxpayers as University Donors. Passed.  3. AS3243.  CSU Acknowledgement of Karen Y. Zamarripa – Assistant Vice Chancellor, CSU Advocacy and State Relations.  Passed unanimously.  Announced that ASCSU Faculty to Faculty Newsletter is available to all faculty in the CSU online.  3rd issue is available on Friday.


AGENDA ITEM #6—Report from ASI VP of External Affairs, Naeemah Charles regarding the proposed Student Transit Fee [time certain: 3:10]

  • Repored that proposed fee is $180.00 fee per semester; $45/mo.   Of the $45 mo. $29.00 for MUNI pass., $2.00 admistration fee.  (Hiring transit staff member for university; redoing OneCard). The remaining $14.00 for BART: unlimited MUNI from Daly City and discount of at least 25% for BART.  All students would have to pay this fee if passed. 
  • Plenary discussion.


AGENDA ITEM #7—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposal for a Pre-Health Certificate (first reading) [time certain: 3:25]

  • Senator Rosegard:  Moves Item. Speaks to Item.
  • Senator Gerber:  Chemistry has concerns.  But overall this is a positive step.
  • Senator Passion:  Department of Biology does not support the approval of this program.  The Chair of  Biology sent an email last November expressing reluctance.  Issues need to be resolved re past revenues.  Issues moving forward regarding space and funding.
  • Senator Howard:  Notably on Line 121 there is an error.  Chair of Biology does not support this proposal.
  • Senator Hanley:  Were Chairs of Biology of Chemistry consulted?
  • Chair Carleton:  refer back to committee for consultation.


AGENDA ITEM #8—Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed resolution In Support of  the AB-798 College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015 (first reading)


  • Senator Hanley:  Moves Item.  Speaks to Item.  Moved to second reading. 
  • Resolution passed unanimously.


AGENDA ITEM #9—Standing Committee Reports

  1. Academic Policies Committee
  • Senator Hammer:  Reinstituting Athletic Advisory Board;  Probation policy
  1. Curriculum Review and Approval Committee
  • Senator Rosegard:  PreHeath proposal; ongoing curriculum reviews.
  1. Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Senator Trogu:  possible revision of RTP policy.  Suggestions invited.  Leaves with Pay policy might be reviewed.
  1. Strategic Initiatives Committee
  • Senator Azadpur:  Equity survey being completed.; Review of Senate policies; Possible resolution regarding CFA and Call for Strike.
  1. Student Affairs Committee
  • Senator Schwartz:  sun-setting and redoing policy for Credit for Military Service; revising policy on Emergency Loan program;  support with student success and graduation.


AGENDA ITEM #10— Adjournment—no later than 5:00pm

  • Adjourned at 4:05pm.


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