November 12, 2019



Tuesday, November 12,, 2019



2:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Albiniak, Teddy (LCA)

Holmes, Whitney (ASI)

Pido, Eric (CoES)

Ara, Mitra (LCA)

Holschuh, Carrie (HSS)

Ramirez, Gilberto (STF)

Barrera, Ana Maria (HSS)

Kotecha, Preyansh (ASI)

Ramirez-Soto, Elizabeth (LCA)

Bermudez, Chantel (student)

Kuchins, Noah (SA)

Rubin, Jasper (HSS)

Bloom, Gilda (GCOE)

Kulik, Carole (HSS)

Schwartz, Kim (LCA)

Borjian, Ali (GCOE)

Lee, Yeon-Shim (HSS)

Scott, Michael (PRES)

Chen, Susan (SA)

Leopardo, Nicole (ETHS)

Shapiro, Jerry (HSS)

Chen, Cheng (COSE)

Luengo, Ana (LCA)

Small, Rachel (COSE)

Damangir, Sina (CoB)

Mahoney Lynn (President)

Stec, Loretta (LCA)

Drennan, Marie (LCA)

Miller, Cori (SA)

Thomas, Tom (COB)

Gerber, Nancy (CoSE)

Mooney, Dylan (STF)

Van Cleave, Kendra (LIB)

Goldman, Michael (COSE)

Okhrentchuk, Irina (GCOE)

Way, Lori Beth (PRES)

Grutzik, Cynthia (PRES)

Olsher, David (LCA)

Wilczak, Cindy (LCA)

Hao, Jiang (COSE)

Pasion, Sally (CoSE)

Wong, Yutian (LCA)

Hines, Ellen (COSE)

Piryatinska, Alexandra (COSE)

Xu, Huizhong (COSE)


Banks, Dwayne (PRES)

Howell, Ryan (CoSE)

Stowers, Genie (HSS)

Branstiter, Callie (LIB)

Hulick, Mari (LCA)

Summit, Jennifer (Provost)

Bui, Yvonne (GCOE)

Mar, Eric (COES)

Ward, Samantha (STF)

Collins, Robert Keith (COES)(ASCSU)

Millet, Kitty (LCA)

Yee-Melichar, Darlene (CSU) (ASCSU)

Fisher, Matt (CoB)

Platas, Linda (HSS)

Zhou, Yi (COB)

Harvey, Richard (HSS)

Sinha, Dipendra (COSE) (ASCSU)



Claude Bartholomew

Carleen Mandolfo

Elena Stoian

Sophie Clavier

Jay Orendorff

Ingrid Williams

Jane Dewitt

Jesus Garcia

Jeff Wilson

Beth Hellwig

Jason Porth



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for campus community members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.

CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.

  1. Approval of the Agenda for November 12, 2019
  • Strike Item #6 at the request of the host department
  • Approved with one change
  1. Approval of the Minutes for October 29, 2019
  • Approved as submitted
  1. Announcements from the Floor
  • Office of International Programs – Isabelle Chu – International Education Week (next week)

    • Highlight is the “A Day in the Life of a Diplomat”
    • 2 special events – everything faculty and staff want to know about study abroad/international students
    • One can reach out to the office for other inquiries:
  • SFSU Wine Club – December 3rd will be the first tasting, 5-7pm in the Vista Room (an award-winning pinot noir)
  1. Reports

    1. Senate Chair
  • Interim VP Wilson will be speaking about budget today. Tomorrow there is a budget Town Hall tomorrow.
  • Sen. Robert Collins has been selected to serve on the stakeholders committee to find a new CSU Chancellor.
  • Open House at University Club this coming Thursday. Soft launch of the new space.
  1. Standing Committees

    1. Academic Policies Committee
  • Sen. Wong (on behalf of Sen. Stowers) - APC has two agenda items today
  1. Curriculum Review and Approval Committee
  • Sen. Hines – CRAC has two graduate certificates on the agenda today
  1. Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Sen. Rubin – FAC has one item on the agenda today
  1. Student Affairs Committee
  • Sen. Olsher – SAC continues to work on transparency regarding student fees
  • Developing resolution for additional support for CAPS
  • Also working on
  • Parental leave policy for students

    • Sen. Holmes – interested in learning more about it

      • Sen. Olsher – please reach out to the committee to be involved
  1. Strategic Issues Committee
  • Sen. Mooney – SIC has one item on the agenda today
  • Also working on other items including the parking tax issue.

Old Business

  1. Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Proposed Policy on Maximum Units in a Single Semester – first reading
  • Sen. Wong moved the item to the floor. Previous question at plenary was in regard to how maximum units are calculated for undergrads in graduate courses. Revisions are based on the typical student unit loads of undergraduate vs. graduate.

    • Sen. Hines – thank you for responding to the concerns and this seems like a good solution.
    • Sen. Holmes – thank you for the time spent on this, and expressed support
    • Sen. Small – motion to move to 2nd reading

      • No discussion
      • Passed unanimously into 2nd reading
      • No discussion in 2nd reading
      • VOTE: Motion passes unanimously @ 2:24pm

Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Minor in Media Literacy – second reading

  1. Recommendation from the Faculty Affairs Committee: Revision of #S19-241, Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Policy – first reading
  • Sen. Rubin moved item – simple language change to bring into compliance with the CBA.

    • Sen. Hines – department feedback included the ability to be able to solicit letters.
    • Sen. Wilczak – point out that most of these are options allowed to be addressed in the departmental criteria

      • Sen. Wilzak – motion to move to 2nd reading

        • Sen. Goldman – express concern that we should address the involvement with outside stakeholders in the policy. There is no mention of collegiality or falsification of data, etc.
        • Passed unanimously into 2nd reading
        • Sen. Goldman – proposed amendment: Departments “should” rather than “may” in the first paragraph in section 1.2.1 on the first page.

          • Sen. Wilzack – second
          • Sen. Mooney – why “should” instead of “must”
          • Sen. Wilczak & Sen. Goldman – allows more room for departments to act or choose not to.
          • Sen. Bloom – requested a re-reading of the new sentence
          • VOTE TO AMMEND: unanimously passed
      • No further discussion
      • VOTE: motion passes unanimously  @2:35pm
  1. Recommendation from the Strategic Issues Committee: Resolution in Support of the Development of a Faculty & Staff First Time Home Buyers Assistance Program – second reading
  • Sen. Mooney – moved item to the floor. Only change is expansion of the acronyms.
  • Sen. Holmes – support this resolution. Inherited property was a concern initially, but after discussing with Sheldon Gen, the concern is no more.
  • Sen. Mooney read the item into the record.
  • VOTE: Motion passes unanimously @ 2:43pm

New Business

  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee – Proposed Revision to #S09-222, Enrollment Management Committee – first reading
  • Chair Gerber moved the item to the floor – EMC is being reinvigorated, the old policy focused on external actors over which committee members had no control. Changes include types work that the committee could develop some impact, committee membership, and
  • Sen. Wilczak – question about how some items would over lap with standing committees

    • Chair Gerber – yes and no. EMC can work with the standing committees
  • Sen. Way – excited by the direction of this committee including various bulletin items and forms. Testament to SAEM and their willingness to work on these changes.
  • Sen. Grutzik – has there been any interest in developing relationships with local schools/community colleges to work on enrollment

    • Chair Gerber – most of the issues being discussed are currently internal. Perhaps in the future, the committee could have sub-committees that address that
  • Sen. Mahoney – advisory committee would have external participation.
  • Sen. Holmes – could students be more involved?
  • Returned to committee @ 2:50pm
  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee – Proposed Revision to #S18-243, Charge of the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Board – first reading
  • Chair Gerber moved the item to the floor – membership changes are more specific
  • Sen. Holmes – is there any overlap with Safe Zone Allies?

    • Chair Gerber – membership reflects a hope that those
  • Sen. Way – ICCE representation should be included.
  • Sen. Bloom – point of information – are there term limits?

    • Chair Geber – No
  • Returned to committee @ 2:55pm
  1. Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Proposed Revision of #S12-177, Academic Discontinuance Policy – first reading
  • Sen. Wong moved item to the floor. Most work is reorganization regarding “emergency” and “non-emergency.” Policy also now includes a consultative process for CEL.
  • Returned to committee @ 2:58pm
  1. Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Graduate Certificate in Finance– first reading
  • Sen. Hines moved the item to the floor.
  • Chair Gerber – what is the eligibility requirements for these students?

    • Dean Clavier – eligibility is the same (3.0 GPA) for all graduate programs
  • Sen. Way – working on determining how these certificates get onto transcripts of graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Returned to committee @ 3:01pm
  1. Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Information Systems– first reading
  • Sen. Hines moved the item to the floor.
  • Returned to committee @ 3:03pm

Presentations/Information Items

  1. Jewlee Gardner, Assistant Director for Basic Needs Initiative – Responding to Student Hunger & Housing Insecurity
  • Ms. Gardner presented in depth information on statistics regarding student’s challenges and the various resources we have on campus.
  • Several senators expressed their gratefulness to Ms. Gardner and the work that HPW is doing on our campus. In particular a few senators expressed the importance of intertwining the course loads and basic needs support for students.
  • November campaign: Food * Shelter * Success Event. 11-2pm 11/21
  1. Interim VP for Administration and Finance, Jeff Wilson & Executive Director of Budget Administration & operations, Elena Stoian
  • Mr. Wilson described the overall budget process for SF State within the various structures that exist in the state legislature and the CSU system.
  • Ms. Stoian described actual expenditures of our allocated funds including one time and ongoing allocations, and how the allocations are conducted on our campus.

    • Several senators had grateful comments regarding the transparency of the presentations. Some senators made suggestions about what might be helpful in future presentations.
  1. Adjourned @ 4:08pm



Agenda Item 5

This new policy sets a maximum number of units for undergraduate and graduate students in a single semester as well as procedures for obtaining waivers of the policy. The policy outlines groups of students who are exempt as well as taking into account the shorter summer sessions. A scaling factor is proposed for undergraduate students taking graduate courses that has been modified from the version on the floor at the last Senate meeting. It was unanimously approved by the Academic Policies Committee.

Agenda Item 6

The Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC) is recommending approval of a new Minor in Media Literacy. The proposed Minor is designed to prepare students to understand the impact of media technology, how media is created, why it is created, who creates the messages and the impact of those messages on the individual and society as a whole. It was unanimously approved by CRAC.

Agenda Item 7

This revision of the RTP policy brings categories of service into compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In the CBA it is stated that one of the primary professional activities of instructional faculty is “service to the University, profession and to the community. Our current policy collapses service to the profession and community, and it is currently possible for faculty to be tenured and promoted having only fulfilled one of the two requirements.  No changes have been made since it was on the floor of the Senate at the last plenary. It was unanimously approved by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Agenda Item 8

This resolution supports the development of a first-time home buyers loan program for faculty and staff, spearheaded by the SF State Foundation. The Strategic Issues Committee (SIC) made very minor changes from the version in first reading at the last meeting. It was unanimously approved by SIC.

Agenda Item 9

This revision of the charge of the Enrollment Management Committee changes the focus of the committee’s work from external to internal and empowers it to work to address policies and procedures of the University which are impacting student retention and graduation. It was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee.

Agenda Item 10

This revision of the charge of the CEETL Board adds clarification to the membership and voting rights of the Board. It also updates the titles of some of the members. It was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee.

Agenda Item 11

The Academic Policies Committee (APC) is recommending approval of a revision to the discontinuance policy. The policy now separates emergency from non-emergency discontinuances, allows for consultation by the College of Extended Learning when they undertake discontinuances of their programs, and makes minor edits. It was unanimously approved by APC.

Agenda Items 12 & 13

The Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC) is recommending approval of new graduate certificates in Finance and Enterprise Information Systems. Both are intended to be taken by current MBA students as well as those outside the University wishing to work in the field of Finance or increase their knowledge of Enterprise Information Systems. Both were unanimously approved by CRAC.


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