November 13, 2012

SF State Academic Senate           

Seven Hills Conference Center – Nob Hill Room


Academic Senate minutes



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for faculty members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.



Alvarenga, Gabriela

Anderson, David

Azadpur, Mohammad

Baines, AnnMarie

Bartscher, Patricia

Bettinger, Chris

Boyle, Andrea

Buckley, Linda

Burke, Adam

Carelton, Troy

Chen, Lily

Chernoff, Maxine

Cholette, Susan

Cleary, John

Collins, Robert

Drennan, Marie

Evans, Gail




Gerber, Nancy

Getz, Trevor

Hanley, Lawrence

Harris, Shimina

Hayes, Nancy

Hellman, David

Holzman, Barbara

Hood, Pamela

Howard, Pamela

Lewis, Julia

Li, Wen-Chao

Linder, Martin

Lopez, Eurania

Mendolla, Paul

Prive, Alice



Rourke, David

Salama, Mohammad

Sigmon, Mark

Steier, Saul

Stowers, Genie

Strong, Robert

Vasche, Jason

Vaughn, Pamela

Wanek, Linda

Williams, Robert

Yee-Melichar, Darlene


Absences: Avani, Nathan (exc); Barranco, Joseph (abs); Clavier, Sophie (abs); Donohue, Patricia (abs); Flores, Oscar (abs); Gamboa, Yolanda (abs); Ganji, Ahmad (abs); Ginwala, Cyrus (exc); Lau, Jenny (abs); Neylon, Alex (abs); Pelaud, Isabelle (abs); Rosser, Sue (exc); Tumbat, Gulnur (abs); Usowicz, Thaddeus (abs); Wong, Les (exc); Yoo, Grace (abs);


Parliamentarian: Ray Trautman



Guests: Brian Beatty, Sacha Bunge, Sandy Freed, Lori Gentles, Ann Hallum, Denise Kleinrichert, Lynette Landry, Bruce Paton, Shawn Whalen


CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.

With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order



  •  (Rourke).  The Committee on Committees is seeking three (3) additional Senators to review committee reports for the Committee on Committees Report.  Reviewers would be asked to review approximately three reports and asked to submit a report brief.  The review would take approximately 2 hours of a senator’s time to be completed within the month of November.  Interested senators should see David Rourke or email
  • (Rourke).  Senators are welcome and encouraged to attend “DISABILITY ROCKS! A journey through popular music and disability with Anthony Tusler” Presented by the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability tomorrow, Wednesday, November 14, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m., in  Humanities 135; The program will highlight and discuss popular music of disabled songs, singers, and songwriters Including: Moondog;  the Viking of 6th Avenue; Ian Dury; Spasticus Autisticus and Sex & Drugs Rock & Roll; Doc Pomus; and Save The Last Dance For Me.  We hope to see you there!
  • (Collins) Faculty Honors and Awards committee is seeking nominations for the 2012/2013 academic year.  Nominations are for the following categories:   Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award, Excellence in Professional Achievement, and Excellence in Service.  Please see the Academic Senate website for details.  Applications are available.  Deadline for nominations will be Monday, March 1, 2013.


  1. Approval of the Minutes for October 30, 2012
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1. Minutes are approved as submitted by general consent.


  1. Approval of the Agenda for November 13, 2012
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1.  Agenda is approved as submitted by general consent.


  1. Chair’s Report
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points/highlights were made:
  1. Thank you for assisting in the passing of Proposition 30.
  2. REMINDER:  2013 Faculty Research and Creative Activities Retreat in January 2013.  The ORSP website has additional information on this event.
  3. Service remains a valuable component of our identity as well as teaching.  Where do we reward and recognize it to demonstrate the value?  How do we honor and support teaching?


  1. Report: Standing Committee Chairs & CSU Senate – Brief Updates on Committee Work
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1. APC  (Chernoff) – Academic Freedom policy review and revisions; Interdisciplinary Studies policy review; Will meet as Educational Policies Committee (EPC) and review/discuss discontinuances and Baccaluareate Review Committee (BRC) complimentary studies
  2. CRAC (Stowers) -  Proposed revisions in changes to the MBA emphasis in Sustainable Business to a concentration in Sustainable business; Revision of BS in Nursing; and further discussion of private/external funding of curriculum; Additional Nursing curriculum and Public Administration proposals coming forward
  3. FAC (Salama) – Retention, Tenure, Promotion (RTP) policy revisions; Review and Revisions on Student Evaluations, Review and revisions on Temporary Faculty Hiring Policy; Review of Evaluations of Tenured Faculty; Discussions around the Faculty Manual Discussion; Syllabi; a brief discussion on Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF) models reviewed
  4. SIC (Williams) – APRC Policy review related to structure within the university or parceled among the colleges; WASC was reviewed again for further discussion; discussion around the role and opportunity for ombudsman; Working with veterans within the classroom.
  5. SAC (Lopez) – last week’s meeting was cancelled; further discussions on services and the impact of the budget.
  6. AS CSU Senators – (Boyle/Linder/Yee-Melichar) –  Faculty Trustee Nominating Committee to be chaired by, Harold Goldwhite; Timothy White was welcomed as Chancellor-select; CSU Alumni Council Report; Exec Vice Chancellor, Smith to process back log of applications; Tuition refunds as an undertaking of Proposition 30’s passing; Data collection on persistence and SB 1440 continue; Chancellor Reed’s fiscal review and includes tuition increases as well as tuition “buy out” of the CSU tuition increases from the past semester, concerns remain even with the passing of proposition 30; Concerns around health care costs; Chancellor Reed was provided commendation for service by the CSU Academic Senate; WASC accreditation standards are being worked on by Senators Linder and Boyle; Linder continues to work on engaging public sentiment and legislators in support of public higher education; statewide senate acknowledges students contributed significantly to the passing of proposition 30 and further relationship building with students will continue; Each Committee was asked to give recommendations for Chancellor-select White to consider:  Salary Increases for faculty, Shared Governance, Realigning strategic initiatives with the CSU mission, support for faculty development, branding of the CSU, exploring the issue of accreditation and the role of WASC; Vice President Hayes’ presentation was being reviewed by the Chancellor’s Office to share on a statewide level; Academic Affairs Committee discussed and reviewed the following items (1)  Consultation and draft resolution on Baccalaureate unit limits (for programs of 120 or greater units); (2) Draft Worksheet to assist campuses in drafting exceptions to the 120 unit maximum allowance; (3) Support for an Executive Order (EO) on system-wide Nursing policy; (4) Postponement of implementation/consolidation of EO on international programs and education at CSU campuses; (5) CSU Access to Excellence Strategic Plan discussed the progress made to reduce achievement gaps; (6) Calstate Online discussed faculty concerns related to voluntary participation, academic freedom, academic quality and rigor, intellectual property policies, and shared governance policies; (7)  SB 1440 Follow up:  questioned the availability of system-wide data regarding the high unit majors and time to graduation.



  1. Employee Assistance Program Presentation from Lori Gentles, AVP, Human Resources, Safety and Risk Management
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points/highlights  were made:
  1. There was a PowerPoint presentation added to iLearn on this particular topic for reference
  2. October 1 implementation date
  3. There was a stakeholder group consulted on what the University could do to help support employees facing periodic stressful situations in their personal and professional lives.
  4. This vendor was vetted through an RFP process to select Empathia’s program, Life Matters, for the campus.
  5. 3/4 of CSU campuses had established Employee Assistance Program (EAP) vendors prior to SF State adopting this service.
  6. Highlights of the program include:  24 Hour toll free number; the program is 24/7/365 and answers to a live person; local counselors available for an assessment and referral to community and employee benefit resources; there are three (3) visits per problem and unlimited benefit; legal and financial assistance over the phone with established partners; discounts for retaining legal and financial services; Pet, elder, and child care assistance; Coaching services are also available to employees
  7. A comprehensive website at .  The website offers a robust selection of resources, tools, and information on a variety of topics.
  8. Comments/Questions were related to:    Privacy Policy and effectiveness report to the SF State campus; Workload issues and impact; Effectiveness on morale and productivity; Eligibility for ERFA members; Continued promotion;



  1. Recommendation from the Curriculum Review & Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to Sustainable Business Emphasis to a Concentration in Sustainable Business under the MBA, 2nd Reading
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Stowers)
  • The following points/Highlights were made:
  1. No Changes from the first reading to second reading were summarized
  2. (Bettinger)called the question, (Steier) seconded
  3. The item passes by majority vote


  1. Recommendation from the Curriculum Review & Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the BS in Nursing, 1st Reading
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Stowers)
  • The following points/Highlights were made:
  1. Complete revision of the BS in conjunction with the School of Nursing and a consultant.  The Degree’s Units have been reduced below 120 units; focuses from Wellness to Illness; focus on competencies; and through the life span;
  2. Question about the removal of:  NURS324 (Geriatric Nursing Theory) is removed from the curriculum.  Essential 131 course content is moved to NURS311, NURS314, NURS328, NURS420, NURS520, 132 and NURS522.  Palliative Care is covered in a subsequent semester with Geriatrics infused throughout the curriculum
  3. Typo in Lines 110, 157 on course Nursing 510; should be Nursing 520
  4. (Buckley) moves to second reading, (Stowers) seconded
  5. Motion passes by majority vote.  Item is in second reading.
  6. Item is approved by majority vote.


  1. Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Academic Calendar for Summer 2013, consent item
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chernoff)
  • The following points/Highlights were made:
  1.    The item is approved by general consent


  1. Adjournment—no later than 5:00p. 
  • Moved by (Collins), seconded (Steier).
  • Meeting is adjourned by majority vote


Adjournment:  3:11 PM


The following documents were shared and discussed within the agenda:

  1. Proposed Revision to Sustainable Business Emphasis to a Concentration in Sustainable Business under the MBA
  2. Proposed Revision to the BS in Nursing
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