October 2, 2012

SF State Academic Senate           

Seven Hills Conference Center – Nob Hill Room


Academic Senate minutes



Alvarenga, Gabriela Anderson, David

Avani, Nathan

Azadpur, Mohammad

Baines, AnnMarie

Barranco, Joseph

Bartscher, Patricia

Bettinger, Chris

Boyle, Andrea

Buckley, Linda

Chen, Lily

Chernoff, Maxine

Cholette, Susan

Clavier, Sophie

Cleary, John

Collins, Robert

Donohue, Patricia

Drennan, Marie


Evans, Gail

Gamboa, Yolanda

Ganji, Ahmad

Gerber, Nancy

Getz, Trevor

Ginwala, Cyrus

Hanley, Lawrence

Harris, Shimina

Hayes, Nancy

Hellman, David

Howard, Pamela

Lewis, Julia

Li, Wen-Chao

Linder, Martin

Lopez, Eurania

Mendolla, Paul

Neylon, Alex

Pellaud, Isabelle

Prive, Alice

Rosser, Sue

Rourke, David

Salama, Mohammad

Sigmon, Mark

Steier, Saul

Stowers, Genie

Tumbat, Gulnur

Usowicz, Thaddeus

Vasche, Jason

Vaughn, Pamela

Wanek, Linda

Williams, Robert

Wong, Les

Yee-Melichar, Darlene

Yoo, Grace



Absences: Carleton, Troi (abs); Flores, Oscar (abs); Holzman, Barbara(exc); Hood, Pamela(exc) ; Lau, Jenny(exc); Strong, Robert (abs);


Parliamentarian: Ray Trautman


Guests: Brian Beatty, Sacha Bunge, Gene Chelberg, Wei-Ming Dariotis, Lori Gentles,  Ann Hallum,  Franz Lozano, Shawn Whalen, Jay Ward, Agnes Wong-Nickerson




OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for faculty members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER: 2:11 p.m.



  • The following points were made:
  1. (Senator Ginwala):  Senate is seeking volunteers to serve on the campus Sustainability Committee and Professional Development Council, Bookstore Advisory Committee, and All University Teacher Education Committee.  If interested please contact  Senator Ginwala, Senator Holzman, or please check out the Senate website.
  2. (Senator/Vice Chair Collins) 43rd Awards in the College of Ethnic Studies is on Sunday, October 7th from 12 Noon – 3 PM.  $43.00 ticket.  All are welcome. Please see Senator Collins for a link to the website
  3. (Chair Hanley).  Voterfest is 10/10/2012 will be held in front of Cesar Chavez Student Center to support voter registration and education on ballot initiatives.  Formal program will be from 10 AM – 3 PM.  Please let Chair Hanley know if you would like to volunteer and


  1. Approval of the Minutes for September 18, 2012
  • This item was discussed. Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1. Move (Rosser) to correct the minutes

    1. Section 5.6 “Zero hires 2009” should be corrected to read “30 hires 2009”  
  2. Minutes are approved as amended by general consent


  1. Approval of the Agenda for October 2, 2012
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1.     Agenda is approved by general consent


  1. Chair’s Report
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points/highlights were discussed:
  1.    Theme: numbers do not always tell the full story.



  1. Standing Committee Chairs & CSU Senate Reports
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1. APC:  Basic Studies requirement grading policy discussion continues; Academic Freedom is in queue.
  2. FAC:  RTP discussions related to changes in the CBA and UTPC,
  3. CRAC:  Proposals heard from College of Business related to a BA in General Business; and Certificate in commercial real estate; Online Learning Policy discussions
  4. SAC:  Continuing to seek student representation, four positions being sought; surveying of student services and evaluation of the student experience is in queue
  5. SIC:  Looking to a discussion around the WASC report
  6. Statewide Senate:  Senator Rowenz Boyle is representing SF State for the year



  1. Report from Nancy Hayes, CFO and Vice President for Administration & Finance, SF State
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points/highlights were made:
  1. Revenue exceeds expenses
  2. The following link was mentioned as a resource to this presentation: http://budget.sfsu.edu/budget-plan-summary-resources-201213
  3. Proposition 30 would mean a $250 million trigger cut.  SF State’s budget assumes this cut will happen.  November 6th will decide this proposition’s fate.
  4. $17 million is SF State’s share of the $250 million cut.
  5. Support has shifted from 68% state support and 32% tuition fees (1996/97) to 31% state support and 31% tuition and other fees (2012/13).  Burden of funding has shifted from state to private funding (tuition and others) within a 16 year timeframe.
  6. Shortfall of over $23 million for the current budget.  Budget cut of $8 million to lessen the gap.  One time carry-over funds (savings) will close the remainder of the shortfall.
  7. Budget assumes a $5 million CEL contribution
  8. What if Prop 30 Passes:  Chancellor’s office will provide $17 million back to campuses share of the trigger cut.  Rollback 9.1 % tuition increases ($8 million).  State will give the system $125 million to address the tuition buy back but in AY 2013/14.
  9. Flexibilities in the SF State Budget:  87.2 million (state), $203.9 million (Fees and other Revenue), $15.3 million (One-Time Reserves); $306.4 million are the total revenues for SF State.
  10. Comments and questions on this report:    What is the health of other CSU campuses?; Comments on the transparency in budgeting and availability of these numbers has been appreciated; Any plans for further reductions on the campus organization or structure; Concerns around Proposition 30’s effect on Higher Education even if it does pass; Are ‘indirects’ (grants) part of the revenue?; Are there any entrepreneurial initiatives here or on other campuses to take advantage?



  1. Report from Jay Ward, Office of International Programs, International Education Week (IEW), Call for Programs
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points were made:
  1.  Started in 2000 under President Clinton.  13th Annual IEW will be held November 13 – 16, 2012.
  2. An International Education Week flyer was provided to the senatorial body.
  3. Purpose is to celebrate the benefits of International Education and exchange worldwide.  Sponsoring 80-100 events on campus.
  4. 100 independent countries participate in this week of celeb
  5. There is a continuing resolution of support for IEW from the Academic Senate
  6. Comments/Questions on this report:  San Francisco is sister city to Ho Chi Minh City which may benefit from further outreach activities;  


  1. Report from CFA Chapter President Wei Ming Dariotis
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Chair Hanley)
  • The following points/highlights were made:
  1. CFA was pleased with an extensive visit with President Wong along with Academic Senate Vice Chair Collins.  Please with  increased communication
  2. CFA is sponsoring ‘Voterfest’ and will be advocating some positions on the ballot initiatives.
  3. Revising the constitution in preparation for Spring elections of officers
  4. Political Activities may include phone banking in conjunction with City College in support of Proposition A; tabling in the Quad starting October 8th; precinct walking or walking the halls of the campus;
  5. CBA negotiations was to address take backs and other management and legislative  initiatives; starting point was to begin from the current CBA;
  6. Salary and Equity Pay increase was only a small percentage of what was initially agreed upon; this was stymied by the budget shortfall in the past couple of years; estimated cost of $300,000 for this negotiated item.
  7. Comments and Questions on this report:  What role/relationship does CFA have with pensions to protect those pensions?; What might the president know about re-openers in the bargaining process?; There seems to be confusion on CFAs possible presentations of Proposition 30; There is a reality of “losing ground” or experiencing pay cuts when cost of living adjustments do not occur;


  1. Recommendation from Curriculum Review & Approval Committee: Proposed Online Education Policy, 1st Reading
  • This item was discussed.  Moved by (Stowers)
  • The following points were made:
  1.     Passed in the last 2011/2012 year by the Academic Senate the approved policy was subsequently not signed into policy by the President over the summer.  Discussions with University Counsel occurred over the summer and this item returns to the senate after addressing many of those points of discussion.
  2. Comments and Questions related to this item:

    1. Statewide senate did produce a white paper on this very topic
    2. This topic is of interest by President Wong
    3. Compensation language has some concern and may impact some language in collective bargaining in lines 92-95 of the proposed policy.  Although these lines may not represent strict monetary compensation.
  3. Move (Hellman) to second reading, seconded
  4. Call for a vote by show of hands (In Favor - 32; Oppose – 14)
  5. Motion passes by majority vote.  Item is in second reading.
  6. Move to amend (Bettinger) by striking lines 92-95, “Faculty members who create and/or facilitate Hybrid, HyFlex, or Online Classes shall be compensated properly for their investment of effort, as determined by their department and/or college. Online course material may require a greater amount of development time compared to that of traditional course material, especially in the early stages of course development ” from the proposed policy, seconded (Steir)
  7. Motion passes by majority vote.  Item is amended to exclude lines 92-95.
  8. Move to amend (RowenzBoyle) by deleting line 131, “This policy should be reviewed every five years.”, seconded (*)
  9. Motion passes by majority vote.  Item is amended to exclude line 131.
  10. Move to amend (Getz) to delete the word “and compensation” in line 87, seconded (*)
  11. Motion passes by majority vote.  Policy is amended to exclude “and compensation” in line 87
  12. With the speakers list exhausted, a vote is called.
  13. Item passes by majority vote as amended and is approved by the Academic Senate


  1. Adjournment—no later than 5:00p. 
  • Moved by (Steier), seconded.
  • Meeting is adjourned by general consent.


Adjournment:  3:49 PM



The following documents were shared and discussed within the agenda:

  1.  FY12-13_Budget_Presentation_FINAL_Academic_Senate
  2. Online_Education_Policy_amended_92612


* Audio recording did not allow for a clear identification of the senator seconding the motion.


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