October 6, 2020




Tuesday, October 6, 2020


2:00 – 4:30 p.m.



Abeywickrama, Priya (LCA)

Holschuh, Carrie (HSS)

Schwartz, Kim (LCA)

Albiniak, Teddy (LCA)

Howell, Ryan (CoSE)

Scott, Michael (PRES)

Ara, Mitra (LCA)

Hulick, Mari (LCA)

Seelye, Melissa (LIB)

Banks, Dwayne (PRES)

Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi (LCA)

Small, Rachel (COSE)

Beatty, Brian (GCOE)

Kuchins, Noah (SA)

Smith, Ryan (LFCoB)

Bloom-Leiva, Gilda (GCOE)

Kulik, Carole (HSS)

Stec, Loretta (LCA)

Borjian, Ali (GCOE)

Le, Mai-Nhung (COES)

Steward, Paul (GCOE)

Bui, Yvonne (GCOE)

Li, Wen-Wen (HSS)

Stillman, Jonathon (COSE)

Carillo, Andrew (ASI)

Luengo, Ana (LCA)

Stowers, Genie (HSS)

Chen, Susan (SA)

Mahoney Lynn (President)

Summit, Jennifer (Provost)

Daus-Magbual, Arlene (SAEM)

Musselman, Elaine (HSS)

Thomas, Tom (LFCoB)

Diamond, Morty (HSS)

Nielsen, Jordan (LIB)

Van Cleave, Kendra (LIB)

Dollinger, Mark (LCA)

Nielsen, Karina (COSE)

Ward, Samantha (STF)

Drennan, Marie (LCA)

Olsher, David (LCA)

Way, Lori Beth (PRES)

Dunham, Ian (SLCoB)

Pesci, Nicolas (ASI)

Wilczak, Cindy (LCA)

Gerber, Nancy (CoSE)

Pierce, Krystle (ASI)

Wilson, Jackson (HSS)

Goldman, Michael (COSE)

Platas, Linda (HSS)

Wong, Yutian (LCA)

Grutzik, Cynthia (PRES)

Ramirez, Gilberto (STF)

Woo, Jeannie (COES)

Harvey, Richard (HSS)

Richards, Johnetta (CoES)

Xu, Huizhong (COSE)

Hennessy, Logan (LCA)

Riggs, Blake (CoSE)

Yee-Melichar, Darlene (CSU) (ASCSU)

Harris-Boundy, Jason (LFCoB)

Robinson, Shanice (SAEM Staff)

Zhou, Yi (COB)

Hines, Ellen (COSE)

Rubin, Jasper (HSS)



Collins, Robert Keith (COES)(ASCSU)

Jiang, Hao (COSE)



Altura, Kim (UAC)

Jahani, Hossain  (Conf/Events)

Russell, Dania (Conf/Events)

Bartholomew, Claude (DUEAP)

Kim, Catherine (HR)

Shapiro, Jerry (SW)

Clavier, Sophie (Div. Grad)

Mandolfo, Carleen (FacAff)

Smith, Frederick (E&CI)

Franklin, Brianna (BIOL)

Pando, Chaz (Housing)

Tompkins-Raney, Jim (Conf/Events)

Ganner, Nancy (A&F)

Porth, Jason (UCorp)

Wilson, Jeff  (A&F)

Garcia, Alondra (CCSA)

Remolona, Janet (LFCoB)

Wong, Yim-Yu (LFCoB)

Hancock, Shae (UCorp)

Rodriguez, Christian (Housing)



OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:05 p.m.

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for campus community members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.

CALL TO ORDER: 2:05 p.m.

1.     Approval of the Agenda for October 6, 2020

·       Approved as submitted @ 2:05pm

2.     Approval of the Minutes for September 22 2020

·       Approved as submitted @ 2:06pm

3.     Announcements from the Floor

·       Sen. Bloom-Leiva – is “bichronous” an official term that we are using on our campus, now?

o   Chair Albiniak – that term and others are on committee agendas.

o   Sen. Stowers – just yesterday there was a meeting to discuss a variety of definitions regarding online education. 

·       Sen. Yee-Melichar – there will be a Grad Preview week this year (October 26-30) including workshops and presentations that will showcase our graduate studies programs. 

4.     Reports

4.1.   Chair Report

·       The university will be meeting with a group of legislative leaders. ExComm will be meeting with them on October 27th. The overall goal is to impress upon them the importance of the state supporting the CSU. Chair Albiniak requests any stories that may support this effort. 

·       Due to the current situation there is a lack of ‘chance encounters’ to talk to each other in a less formal way, we are working on creating an Academic Senate list-serve to try to encourage easier correspondence between senators.

4.2.   President Mahoney

·       Since we last met the CO made the announcement that Spring 2021 will be online.

·       New Chancellor was announced. Very happy about this choice. 

·       Legislative leaders visit – there has never been a better time to advocate for the CSU 

·       Layoffs – want to acknowledge the pain that this is causing and the compassion that everyone is showing throughout the process. 

·       Zoom class presentation cancelation controversy – the “material support” laws were the main reason that the various platforms cited for the cancellation. The cancellation has caused a lot of pain and conflict in terms of academic freedom. The President delved deeply into the ways in which the campus and other entities support academic freedom and the ways in which it is sometimes challenging in situations when there are very different perspectives on topics.

4.3.   Provost Summit

·       Zoom – regarding the platform use, we are looking at the options but also making sure that faculty and other entities are being consulted appropriately 

·       F2F class survey deadline is today for Spring 2021. The SFDPH and their recommendations are integral in the decisions that our campus will be making.

4.4.   Standing Committees

4.4.1.Faculty Affairs Committee

·       Sen. Rubin – refining updates to the resolutions passed last spring. In particular whether SETE flexibility should be extended. 

4.4.2.Student Affairs Committee

·       Sen. Olsher – bringing back items today. Also working on a resolution to support hires in CAPS that supports the demographic of our students and a missed class resolution. 

4.4.3.Strategic Issues Committee

·       Sen. Goldman – last week discussed employee morale and layoffs with AVP Ingrid Williams and will meet with advancement officials AVP Jeff Jackanicz about raising the recognition of the campus. We continue to work on resolutions supporting RSCA and essential workers. Future meetings will include discussions about internationalization, employee morale, and graduate programs.

4.4.4.Academic Policies Committee

·       Sen. Stowers – today APC has a resolution on the GRE in first reading. The committee will continue to work with OEC to define online education terms and other items that we are all dealing with during this remote instruction such as 3rd party proctoring and use of cameras.

4.4.5.Curriculum Review and Approval Committee

·       Sen. Hines – there are four consent items on the agenda today. Two items in first reading on the agenda today as well. Also considering several other proposals in committee.

Consent Agenda

5.     Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the MA in Psychology Concentration in Developmental Psychology—consent item

·       Approved by general consent @ 2:36pm

6.     Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the MA in Psychology Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior—consent item

·       Approved by general consent @ 2:37pm

7.     Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the MA in Psychology Concentration in Social, Personality, and Affective Science—consent item

·       Approved by general consent @ 2:37pm

8.     Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the Minor in Athletic Coaching—consent item 

·       Approved by general consent @ 2:38pm

9.     Recommendation from Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revision to the BS in Kinesiology: Concentration in Exercise and Movement Service—consent item

·       Approved by general consent @ 2:38pm

10.  Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed changes to S20-145: Department and Equivalent Units—consent item

·       Sen. Harvey – There was a debate raised in Spring 2020 regarding the nature of the change to this policy. This debate should be raised again now. 

o   Due to the question, the item was moved back to first reading and added to the agenda under “old business” as item #13 (see below).


Old Business

11.  Recommendation from the Student Affairs Committee: Proposed resolution in continued support of SF State Students During the COVID-19 Crisis—first reading

·       Sen. Olsher moved the item to the floor and spoke to the item.

·       Discussion

o   Sen. Pierce – yield time to Alondra Garcia, VP of Systemwide Affairs for CSSA. VP Garcia expressed her support for the policy resolution on behalf of the CSSA and herself, personally.

o   Sen. Gerber - Moved to move the item to Second Reading 

§  Second – Sen. Wilczak

§  No discussion

o   Item moved to second reading @ 2:46pm

o   Sen. Gerber – speaking in favor of the item. Not as expansive as the before, but it is important to offer this support to students. 

o   Sen. Pesci – agree with Sen. Gerber. Transparency in decision-making is very important. In full support

o   VOTE: Passed with a majority @ 2:49pm

12.  Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution in Opposition to Title V Restructuring of General Education—first reading

·       Sen. Wilson moved the item to the floor.

·       Sen. Geber was invited to speak to the item.

·       Discussion

o   Sen. Yee-Melichar – piggy-back on Sen. Gerber’s comments. Will later propose an amendment that states “reaffirmation” of our campus values of faculty control of the curriculum.

o   Sen. Le – recognize the need for this and thank you to ExComm.

o   Sen. Wilczak – moved to move the item to second reading

§  Second – Sen Stowers

§  No discussion 

§  Moved to second reading @ 2:56pm

o   Sen. Le – in full support of the resolution. Line 63-64 resolved clause need to be clarified that it is still in process. 

o   Sen. Yee-Melichar – move to amend Line 61,  to read: “RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of SF State reaffirm the importance and need for campus autonomy and faculty oversight of its curriculum; and”

§  Discussion

·       Sen. Gerber – second the amendment and support this. We need to emphasize that the faculty needs to oversee the curriculum.

·       Sen. Harvey – echoes Sen. Gerber’s endorsement 

·       Sen. Yee-Melichar – when AB1460 first came up, I spoke to legislative and CO intrusion in the curriculum at ASCSU. We have worked hard on this and we need to get the message out that campuses need autonomy.

·       Sen. Woo – heartily support and state that we need to highlight self-determination and shared governance.

·       Sen. Steward – in support of the amended and the resolution in general.

§  VOTE: amended to the resolution approved by a majority @ 3:04pm

o   Sen. Way – Move to restore deletions in line 41 and in line 42, change September to July and replace lines 43 and 44 with “After AB 1460 was signed, the CSU noticed the Board of Trustees in September of the proposal to eliminate Social Justice from the requirement in the November Board of Trustees meeting. Would read as such:

§  WHEREAS, in opposition to AB 1460, the Chancellor’s Office proposed to the CSU Board of Trustees a new General Education Area F of in Ethnic Studies and Social Justice and a simultaneous reduction of lower division Area D by 3 units, from 9 to 6, which was approved at their meeting in July. After AB1460 the CSU noticed the BOT in September of the proposal to eliminate Social Justice from the requirement in the November BOT meeting

§  Sen. Hines – second 

§  VOTE: amendments to the resolution approved by a majority @ 3:08pm

o   Sen. Hennessey – is there a typo in line 85? Move to amend line 85 in order to remove the “a” in the last resolved clause.

§  Sen. Steward – second

§  VOTE: amendment passed by a majority @ 3:11pm

o   Sen. Gerber – move to amend line 61 in the second resolved clause to strike “July 2020” and add “General Education”

§  Sen. Wilczak – second

§  No discussion

§  VOTE: amendment passed by a majority @ 3:15pm

o   Sen. move to amend line 63 to strike the word “acceptance” and include the word “resolution”.

§  Sen. Olsher – second

§  Discussion

§  Sen. Le – Expressing support as this addresses my earlier comment. 

§  VOTE: amendment passed with a majority @ 2:18pm

·       VOTE: item, including all amendments, was approved @ 3:18pm

13.  Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed changes to S20-145: Department and Equivalent Units—first reading (from item #10 above)

·       Tabled due to time constraints 

New Business

14.  Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee (APC): Resolution Calling for Eliminating the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Requirement—first reading

·       Tabled due to time constraints 

15.  Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: New Certificate in Modern Language Learning and Teaching—first reading

·       Tabled due to time constraints 

16.  Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: New Certificate in Special Study in TESOL—first reading

·       Tabled due to time constraints 

Presentation Items 

17.  Update on Campus Climate Report from Frederick Smith, Assistant Vice President, Division of Equity & Community Inclusion, (time approximate 3:15-3:30) 

·       AVP Frederick Smith joined senate plenary to share information about the Division of Equity & Community Inclusion and their role on our campus. He also discussed the Campus Climate Report and the process and progress of sharing the report and the recommendations. 

o   Sen. Bloom-Leiva – wondering if there is a possibility for your area to do some webinars? Maybe approach some of our Hall of Fame alumni?

§  AVP Smith – yes, we are doing such events and we are open to other ideas.

18.  Update on Statewide Senate from ASCSU representatives Rob Collins, Nancy Gerber, and Darlene Yee-Melichar (time approximate, 3:30-3:45)

·       Sen. Yee-Melichar shared with the SF State Senate the summary of the last meeting of the ASCSU, including some items shared by the out-going Chancellor, EVC Blanchard and other speakers, such as the upcoming budget issues, recognition of the hard work that everyone is doing in adjusting to remote instruction, and possible furloughs.

·       Sens. Yee-Melichar and Gerber reported that the ASCSU discussed and approved seven resolutions during their plenary (SF State senators received an email with full text). Both senators summarized the details of the most significant resolutions.

·       Sen. Yee-Melichar reported that there were six resolutions discussed in first reading during their plenary. These items are on the senate iLearn site. Please send feedback to the statewide senators Collins, Gerber, or Yee-Melichar

o   Sen. Pesci – we should be having mandatory evaluations, but it should be about what worked and what didn’t work in this new remote instruction/learning environment. Instead of removing them, change them to better reflect the current system. 

§  Sen. Yee-Melichar – happy to take your comments back to the ASCSU

19.  Academic Affairs Portfolio of Imperfect Options from Provost Jennifer Summit with Chair Albiniak (time approximate 3:45-4:30)

·       Provost Summit shared the portfolio of Imperfect Options

o   Sen. Howell yielded time to Jerry Shapiro

§  Prof. Shapiro – How do enrollments translate into financial implications and how can we better utilize local recruiting in terms of area community colleges and high schools?

·       Provost Summit – thank you for pin-pointing one of our biggest issues which is enrollment. It is a critical and necessary goal for our campus. 

o   Sen. Bloom-Leiva – would there be a possibility to turn into a year-round model?  Could this be a way of offering more flexibility for students and faculty and possibly a way to save money? Example, with year-round university, students might be able to complete an undergraduate degree in 3 years instead of 4.  What about having a 4-year program where a student could complete an undergraduate degree and a Masters’ degree in 4 years?

§  Provost Summit – these are ideas that can be discussed along with some other programs that are already in process. However, we need to determine how to reduce our costs and this idea will likely not do that because it does not reduce the number of departments, faculty, staff, etc. Previously when colleges were collapsed it does not seem like the saving was worth the effort. We need to ensure that our actions have the effect that is intended.

20.  Adjourned @ 4:32pm


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