Academic Calendar Policy [SUPERSEDED)

Reference Number: S17-242
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2017
Presidential Approval Date: 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
  • Policy #:                          #S17-242
  • Supersedes:                     #S14-242
  • Senate Approval:            05/02/2017
  • Presidential Approval:   05/10/2017
  • Effective:                       08/21/2017
  • Last Review:                 Spring/2014
  • Next Review:                Fall 2017


Academic Calendar Policy



The proposal modifies the Academic calendar policy to include a statement about the requirement for all classes to meet during their assigned final exam period.


Key Words: final exams, instructional time



Academic Policies Committee


Responsible Unit

Academic Resources








·        Statement about final exam period



·        Introduction of a faculty development day and convocation activities at start of semester (#S11-242)



·        Original (#S07-242)




This amendment specifies the requirement for all classes to meet during the final exam period.



The Academic Senate further requests that this policy be used by Academic Affairs to construct and publish academic calendars for five years in advance.  If Academic Affairs must propose a calendar that deviates from these principles the calendar must be approved by the Academic Senate; otherwise, individual academic calendars will not need senate approval.


The annual academic calendar will be constructed in accordance with state law, CSU regulations and the following stipulations:


1)      The fall semester conforms to the appropriate dates below:

First day of semester

First day of instruction

Projected last day of instruction

Projected last day of finals

Tuesday, August 24

Wednesday, August 25

Tuesday, December 14

Tuesday, December 21

Tuesday, August 23

Wednesday, August 24

Monday, December 12

Monday, December 19

Tuesday, August 22

Wednesday, August 23

Monday, December 11

Monday, December 18

Tuesday, August 21

Wednesday, August 22

Monday, December 17*

Friday, December 21

Tuesday, August 20

Wednesday, August 21

Monday, December 16*

Friday, December 20

Friday, August 22

Monday, August 25

Thursday, December 11

Thursday, December 18

Friday, August 21

Monday, August 24

Thursday, December 10

Thursday, December 17

* Projected last day of instruction only for Monday only courses.  All other courses have a last day of instruction of Wednesday, December 11 or 12.


2) The week-long fall recess will be observed the week of the fourth Thursday in November. 

3) The spring semester begins on the Thursday before the fourth Monday in January. Thursday and Friday will be faculty development days, and the first day of instruction for all courses will be the fourth Monday in January.

4) The week-long spring recess will be observed after the eighth week of classes.

5) In accordance with Title V, WASC and Academic Senate policy #F76-12, all classes must meet during their assigned final exam time. Calculated instructional time includes the scheduled final exam week.


The Academic Policies Committee and the Academic Senate retain their responsibility for the academic calendar and they can entertain proposals to amend this policy as they deem appropriate. 

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