Athletic Advisory Board - CURRENT

Reference Number: S16-175
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Presidential Approval Date: 
Friday, May 6, 2016
Archival Information: 

supersedes: S94-175b, S92-175


The Athletics Advisory Board was dissolved in 2007. With the renewed commitment of the University to athletics, the reinstatement of the Athletics Advisory Board is in order to support, monitor, and maintain the academic integrity and welfare of our student athletes.


  1. Rationale

The Senate established an Athletics Advisory Board in 1992 as Senate Policy #S92-175. Due to the relocation of the Athletic Department within the University’s administrative and funding structure, the Athletics Advisory Board was dissolved in 2007. Over the past several years, the University has committed itself to a revival of sports and athletics at SF State. The landscape of collegiate athletics has changed since 2007, especially with regard to equity and academic issues. In light of these developments, new energies and resources devoted to athletics at SF State should be matched by a renewed governance structure to support, monitor, and maintain the academic integrity and welfare of our student-athletes. This policy to create and charge a new Athletics Advisory Board addresses the Senate’s and the faculty’s academic duties and responsibilities as the Athletic Department at SF State enters a new phase.


The creation of new committees and their attendant work demands should not be taken lightly. APC recommends that adoption of a new Athletics Advisory Board should not increase the burden of shared governance for faculty at the University.

  1. Charge

The functions of the Athletics Advisory Board are to advise the Academic Senate and monitor academic policy in regard to student-athletes, and to advise the President and the Athletic Director about matters affecting the integrity, especially the academic integrity, of intercollegiate athletics at San Francisco State University.  The campus commitment to the educational success of our student-athletes shall guide the committee in all of its actions.

  1. The Board shall recommend policy to ensure that the University’s intercollegiate athletic programs operate in concert with the educational mission of the University.
  1. The Board shall review and make recommendations for policies and programs that involve the welfare of student-athletes in social, academic, and life skill areas, including such matters as fundraising, class attendance, and athletics-related student travel.
  1. The Board shall review and recommend policies and procedures involving prospective student-athlete’s recruiting, admission, academic eligibility, and financial aid.
  1. The Board shall advise the President and the Academic Senate on the sports and intra-mural programs in which the University should participate.
  1. The Board shall review and make recommendations to the annual athletic budget allocation.
  1. Organization and Membership

The Athletics Advisory Board shall consist of the following members:


  • The Dean of Students, or designee;
  • The Chair of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee;
  • One Coach (to be elected by the coaching staff);
  • Three faculty members from outside the Athletics Department, to be elected in the University election;
  • The NCAA Faculty Representative;
  • The Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee);


  • The Athletic Director (or designee);
  • The University President (or designee).


The terms of office of the University-elected faculty members shall be staggered, three-year terms. The term of the Coaching representative will be for three years. The terms of all other members are renewable annually. All members of the Board shall be selected in the spring semester for terms commencing in the Fall semester.


The Board shall elect its own chair from among the voting membership. The Athletics Department will provide data and information to the committee as needed.


The Board shall meet a minimum of twice per semester, with the first meeting occurring during the first four weeks of the fall semester.


The Board shall prepare an annual written report to the President and Academic Senate detailing its activities.

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