Charge for the Center of Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) Advisory Board

Reference Number: F19-243
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Presidential Approval Date: 
Monday, February 10, 2020

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F19-243 S18-243 12/10/2019


Fall 2020 Fall/2019 Spring/2027



Charge for the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) Advisory Board


Source Committee: Executive Committee

Unit(s) Responsible for Implementation: Academic Senate, CEETL Consultations: The current CEETL Advisory Board.














•       Adds immediate past director of the CEETL to the Board

•       Changes representative from SAEM to the AVP of Equity Community Inclusion

•       Makes all members who are not employees of CEETL a voting member

•      Changes the Metro representative to the Metro College Success

Program Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development.,_

•       Change the representative from the Academic Senate to the Vice Chair

of the Academic Senate









•       Clarifies that this policy sets up the CEETL Board rather than the center itself.

•       Clarifies that the role of the Board is Advisory.

•       Adjusts the membership of the Board to add a non-voting member from SAEM and clarifies voting rights.

•       Clarifies the charge of the Board.

•       Makes corrections to titles and reoortina structures.





•       A new introduction was added (Section A)

•       The Committees' charge was expanded to be more specific (Section 8)

•       The Committeesmembership was revised to reflect the current

University structure and the needs of the Committee (Section C)








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Table of Contents


A.         Purpose

B.          Rationale

C.         The Charge

D.         Membership on the CEETL Advisory Board





A.        Purpose

The CEETL Advisory Board is a faculty group that meets once a month, when the academic year is in session, with ex-officio administrative representatives and the CEETL faculty working together to monitor ongoing campus faculty development efforts and update their links to the CEETL, and to review and suggest initiatives and projects that will support and advance the CEETL, its programs and its mission to the San Francisco State faculty community. While the Advisory Board is specifically charged with serving as a liaison to the colleges and the library, providing advice and recommendations regarding ongoing CEETL activities, and providing an annual report to the Academic Senate, representatives often assume leadership roles in their colleges and use their position on the Advisory Board to help accomplish specific pedagogical and service goals. Faculty on the Advisory Board are elected to three-year terms. Faculty interested in serving on the CEETL Advisory Board should respond to the Call for Nominations issued by the Academic Senate in the spring semester and follow the nominating procedures in order to be considered.

B.        Rationale Background Information about CEETL

The former Center of Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD) has been reorganized administratively and will henceforth be directed by the faculty director who will oversee 4-8 part time faculty fellows, pending budget approval. The Faculty Director of the newly renamed Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Leaming (CEETL) will report to. the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, who will have a consultative role. The CEETL staff will report to the Executive Director of Academic Technology, who will have a consultative role. In addition, the CEETL has a mission to support faculty in all facets of their roles as teachers, as scholars and professionals, and as persons, at all stages of their careers. In carrying out its mission, the CEETL will work collaboratively with numerous other divisions on the SFSU campus including, but not limited to, Academic Technology, Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, the Division of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning, the Division of Graduate Studies, Metro College Success Program and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The CEETL maintains responsibility for one of its primary endeavors: New Faculty Orientation. The CEETL will help to oversee the Faculty Retreat in conjunction with the Vice Chair of the Academic Senate.

C.         The Charge of the CEETL Advisory Board


The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) Advisory Board shall:


•        Provide advice and recommendations regarding the ongoing activities of the CEETL


•       Serve as liaison to its various constituencies, and advocate for their participation in faculty developmentactivities.

•        Assist in the selection of CEETL Faculty Fellows



•       Provide an annual report to the Academic Senate


D.        Membership on the CEETL Advisory Board


All members are voting unless otherwise stated


•       Seven faculty, one elected from each College and the Library, who will serve staggered three-yearterms;

•       The Assistant Vice President for Teaching & Learning, ex officio (non-voting);


•        The Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, ex officio (non-voting);


•        The Faculty Director of the CEETL, ex officio; (non-voting)


•        Immediate past Faculty Director of the CEETL; (non-voting)


•        Assistant Vice President of Equity & Community Inclusion or designee, ex officio


•        The Dean of Equity Initiatives or designee, ex officio


•       Metro College Success Program Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development or designee, exofficio;

•        The Vice Chair of the Academic Senate, or designee, ex officio


•        Faculty Director of Community Engaged Scholarship and Learning, or designee, ex-officio


The Advisory Board will select its own chair. The chair will be elected each spring by the Advisory Board to serve a one-year term.

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