College Naming Policy (CURRENT)

Reference Number: S19-260
Senate Approval Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019
Presidential Approval Date: 
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Last Review:                 Spring 2019

Next Review:                 Spring 2029


College Naming


The previous reorganization of colleges led to some disagreement about the process of college naming. This policy is intended to clarify the process for naming or renaming a college. This revision is intended to clarify the consultative process associated with the renaming of a college.



Academic Policies Committee

Responsible Unit

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs









  • Clarifies how a renaming is initiated
  • Provides an opportunity for feedback from all stakeholders
  • Requires consultation with other colleges and approval from the Academic Senate



F11-260: Original







  1. The initiation of the process for naming or renaming a college may be started by an academic dean or majority vote of the college council.
  2. The college will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders (e.g. students, faculty, staff, alumni) to provide new possible college names. This opportunity must be for at least three weeks during the fall or spring semester.
  3. The college dean’s office shall consult with other college deans about the proposed names.
  4. The council of the college to be renamed may decide to eliminate some proposed names before voting occurs.
  5. From this list of proposed names, the name of the college shall be approved by the faculty and staff of the college through a majority vote. Given that there may be a large number of names initially suggested, the college may need to go through several rounds of voting to narrow down the options so that a single option can receive the majority of votes. Votes shall be based on employee time base.
  6. If the college naming process is a consequence of reorganization, the naming should be completed by the end of the second semester after implementation of the reorganization.
  7. The new college name, having been approved by faculty and staff, shall be forwarded to the Academic Senate for approval. If approved by the Academic Senate, then it shall be forwarded to the provost, and subsequently the President for final approval.