Online Education Commitee Policy

Reference Number: F13-269
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Academic Senate Policy #F13-269

Policy on All-University Online Education Committee


Our campus is developing online education efforts that make sense for our students andfaculty, but in a climate profoundly influenced by system-wide and state-wide initiatives and policy directives. SFSU needs an online education committee which will closely monitor outside developments in online education (including CSU, CA government, and private industry efforts), disseminate these efforts to appropriate bodies on campus, help create appropriate policy responses, andproactively guide on-campus online education initiatives.


I. The all-University Online Education Committee is charged to:

  1. advise the Senate on current online education efforts and developments in online education emanating from outside SFSU (e.g. the intrasystem Online Concurrent Enrollment initiative implemented by the Chancellor's Office and SB 520 currently being considered in Sacramento);
  2. evaluate and advise the Senate on the impact of CSU and legis}ative initiatives and mandates on SFSU curriculum;
  3. disseminate information to, and consult with, appropriate technology committees on campus;
  4. annually review and recommend compliance between current and proposed online education efforts and existing Online Education Policy (F] 2-264);

e. biennially review the Online Education Policy (F 12-264);

  1. review and advise the Senate regarding new or revised policies and faculty issues such as workload related to online education;
  2. gather annual reports from relevant on-campus technology committees and documents describing system or state-wide initiatives concerning online education to be put in an compendium with an executive overview written by the committee; and
  3. create, as appropriate, "best practice" guides for the campus.

Il. The Online Education Committee shall consist of the following members:

a. one faculty member elected from each of the University's colleges;

b. one faculty member elected from the University library;

  1. one CSU-wide Academic Senate member appointed by the Academic Senate;
  2. chair of the Educational Technology Advisory Committee (or designee);
  3. AVP for Academic Operations (or designee);

f. AVP for Infonnation Technology (or designee);

g. AVP/Dean of College of Extended Leaming and Intemational Affairs (or designee);

h. Director of Undergraduate Advising (or designee);


one student designated by the Associated Students

Ill. Elected members of the committee will serve for two years and one-half years beginning spring 2014.

TV. The committee shall choose its chair from among its faculty members at its first meeting of each academic year. The first meeting of each academic year shall be called by the chair of the academic senate.

V. The committee will review its efforts in Spring 2016 and make recommendations to the Senate regarding continuation of the Online Education Committee.

            ** *Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on December 10, 2013* **